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  • Yea I do. I haven't been training too much this year due to the crazy weather.
    Shame! I should post first in 2016 sir! Jayce the man, Busta bust!
    Lol know what's funny? I was talking with Tyler an hour ago and we mentioned you briefly. And now you suddenly appear. I see you still have the spidey senses.

    Good to see a familiar face again. =]
    Glad to see you running bud, but it sucks for us down here with this weather. 100+ degree days starting next week. Bout time someone hits me with a dang fire hose while running.
    More name changes than you could shake a stick at! Things are good, hope it's the same for you squire.
    Hahaha it's only a pork sausage! Once I saw it online somewhere I just had to have it... so creepy and disturbing and great...
    Figured out the reference my avatar makes yet?... :P
    I probably will go back to Moonchild at some point soon. Always do. ;)
    How you doing these days anyway?
    tylerwo84 is my handle, so I guess that's the only way. I'm still getting used to it myself.
    Haha, I don't need a webcam bud. Just unfortunately my only way to communicate. (sad that msn is longer in service for me) . I don't need a mic, just convo bro.
    Sup bud, how you been lately? Also do you have skype by chance?
    Yo! I am alright. How are you? My brother doesn't get on here anymore but he is alright. Oh yeah I remember when you used to play xbox with us. Those were great times.

    Hope you are doing well!
    Great to see you back my friend! :) How did everything go out there? Any arguing? LOL jk. I hope you had fun out there man.
    Miss you too, dork. Really great to have you back. And yes, I remember. Was it the time when we played with Tia? :hmmm: Hahaha, remember what we all talked about?
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