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  • It was nice. :) Bit stressful, but most vacations tend to be, realistically speaking. Went to Solvang, CA.

    Summer isn't over yet though, so I will be hitting the beaches again when the opportunity arises!
    I do, but I'm not pro.. I'm only Bronze division 2. I am just chill.
    Women eh!! We're good, trying to plan a wedding of all things! Nowt but bleedin' stress!
    I thought you would have left by now lol, feels like weve all been on this forum forever!!! bad news about the girlfriend - bet that's why your back really lol!!! my fella works funny hours, so I just pop in and out of here sporadically now! cant believe I used to be so addicted to the place!
    good god, this is the 3rd time ive tried to type this out!!! bloody forum!!! nothing new to report with me really, same old same old! what have you been doing with yourself?!
    Wow, been awhile, Kyle! How ya been these days? And I'm well, just got back from a month's vacation. =]
    Did you join the group invite I sent you?! You can't pick the Colts, so what are you gonna do man?!!? haha :busta:
    yes because they're characters on your keyboard, not the mammaries of a well endowed female :rage:
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