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  • hi fff long time no see lol. love the new skin, you guys did a really great job on it if you made it yourself! looks and feels like a million bucks
    There will be trophies, yes. :) I don't care much about trophies though.

    And I spend a lot of time crafting/gathering/mining, but these days the beast tribe dailies are taking most of my gameplay time. It's such a chore now. :ryan: While I'm doing the beast tribe quests, I've got the duty roulette on queue to take advantage of the Gil and tomes. Every once in awhile I"ll do dungeon runs (story dungeons included) with friends here. Other than that, just trying to explore and fully experience what the game has to offer, little by little. I haven't even done any coil runs yet, or whatever that is. xD Still have yet to finish storyline. Almost there though.
    Yeah understandable. I'm still engrossed with the game. :ryan: Didn't think I'd like it this much, to be honest. Can't wait for 2.2, though there's also FFX to consider...hmmm...
    Wow hey dude! It only took me five years and one month to respond to your usernote lmao lmao
    I'm sorry. :sad3: I should not add a period after @mentioning someone that starts with L.
    Whoa, I remember that sig that Matrix did for you. Awesome stuff.

    Great to see that you're getting back into photoshop.
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