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  • oh and about a resource pack. Tell me what kinda stuff you like and il add it in. I notice you like smudging. I actually have some great pre smudged images. Theyre in crazy shapes and make great effects. They have a black background but if you sue the background eraser you can remove it instantly. Or use a blending mode. BG eraser is better however. But aye tell me what kinda C4Ds you like, vectors, renders. I know you like anime. Ive got lots of C4Ds ive made and others i havent that work real well with anime and game renders. The key to using them is all in the use of the eraser. So aye. Tell me what you like, if you want to of course and il give you some of my best resources.
    Ahhh so thats why. In that case you should make large pieces with huge canvasses. Then you have so much space to work with. I know its not a sig but its still getting back into ps. Sigs are my least favourite thing about photoshop. I like large scale projects. I think thats why my sigs keep getting bigger and bigger :lew:
    Make a sig with a bigger focal and lemme see. Ive posted some renders on this site. But i have tonnes so if your stuck for resources tell me and il make you a resource pack and upload it via mediafire or something :D
    Your very good with blending at making effects but you like to choose small focals why is that?

    Seriously though you are very good with your tools. I dont often compliment. Im more the type to ignore GFX that doesnt interest me. Get making more and show me what you got :D
    Hahhaa, I really don't care. We have a lot of beginners joining as well, and you're no beginner, you just haven't touched it in ages. :D I hope you get some free time to join in once in a while or just pop in to vote.

    Well, that sounded wrong, didn't it?!

    You know what I mean!

    L! I highly suggest you start entering SOTW again! We can really use any entries we can get! Thanks for voting, we need more voters as well! :D
    I was testing. =P I couldn't be bothered thinking of a username, so yours came to mind first. Short and easy.
    i gotta agree with you man! Final Fantasy Forums is at least a simple and official name for an FF Forums and its easier to find and its the first entry that popped up on google when i searched final fantasy forums so i decided to join since the FF Comunity is not that popular due to not much future games coming out but hopefully that will change soon once ps4 comes out. :)
    I knew it! Ofcourse i remember you good bro! small world we live in this final fantasy forums hey? haha
    Remember me? DMP?
    You probably don't but i know you kinda, you were an admin or mod there?
    I think you had long hair at that time.
    That's all i can remember. :)
    ToS :ohoho:

    Dan and I played through that not too long ago. It was his first time playing. I never get tired of that game. :lew:

    We're trying to play through Tales of Vesperia now.
    Ah. I have an HIS Radeon HD 6850 that I got back in May. So glad I haven't had any problems with it, I had such bad buyers guilt when I got it and was afraid it would get screwed up :lew: Here's hoping they send you a new one right away :grin:
    Damn, that sucks :hmmm: I better be careful when I get a new HDMI cable :gasp:

    What brand was the GPU?

    And I dunno but we are now :lew:
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