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  • Well I just fancied a change that was all, saves me being the cuddly Kupo moogle I was :P I might change it back sometime :D
    Im not too much fan of KH so this game doesnt appeal to me that much (If it were like DMC then maybe), hopefully this game will end in high note because if it bombs then XIIII-4 would be in the horizon (Lets not question wheter XIII series is good or not, FFXV must come already). Mitsuru is ultra hot but she is second to Chihiro (Mekanekko fetishist) for me.
    Well to be honest people complain about LR:FFXIII combat system, its the same as Kingdom heart except with more mechanics and people ignore that Versus has a similar battle system back in the gameplay trailer ages ago. I have faith in the title I really do. I loved Yuko and all but when I started it with Mitsuru she begun to become my favourite out of that game. Don't worry about the dissidia side of things its not inspired by it, it is going to be big trust me. I am talking big like the tactics adventure big.
    Ahhh well I suppose I owe you now cause you did say say LR:FFXIII will be an action title BUT! it is still having many RPG elements :P haha Anyways hows you my friend. I am shattered I am doing a massive event for the Dissidia week that starts october 1st.
    Yes you are really easy to read...nah im messing. Well thats random...why WWII footage? I'm bloody falling asleep so yer zzzzzz........... glad your alright. So bored at the moment (I apologize if I don't reply, I could be asleep or something).
    Well I had to know it'd be you to friend request me :P hows you today my friend :)
    Aww Im so sorry. I wanted to give you rep for that post in the "New to Final fantasy" thread but instead I missclicked in the report post button. Nothing will happen but I thought I should let you know just in case.
    You've got it right on the hotness part...and the PSP version...my mate said I might as well (I borrowed it) and I will look on youtube at the after story sections that were in P3:FES
    Well don't go spoiling it for me as I am just beyond half way with the game haha....but yer I was after Yukari I was like shes alright and then boom I saw Yuko and was like nah she'll be my girl haha plus I admired her goals.
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