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  • i know yeah pretty much everyone can get it on catch up or recorded now :/ it'll be to save their ratings i bet
    shitey fucking football. just as youre getting into it,oh yay, its gone for another 6 months
    it got my hopes up for an exception finale lol. alas , it was not meant to be haha

    im so over the mid season finale thing as well. why they do that is beyond me. just play the whole bloody season in one go :rage:
    yeahhhh that was well grim D:

    poor noah, wish they'd kept him a bit longer
    i thought it was gunna be the group that was putting W's on all the heads.... but their only seems to be two of them? :s there has to be more though, considering how many zombies they've mutilated and that elaborate zombie disco thing they made.... fuck knows
    yeah, it was enjoyable but underwhelming for a finale, i was hoping for a massive kick off, not speechy shite ):
    YES OMG! I had nightmares about the latest episode! so pleased its back on form at last!
    Ooh me too, I like the look of that!

    And we have to stream GoT because we don't have sky atlantic, it's very annoying ):

    I've always liked cartoons, so I love anime hahahaha
    I've watched it, finished another one and now am on something else hahahaha. You should be watching FMA: Brotherhood as well, if you haven't already seen that one lol. Watching Sword Art Online at the moment, not too great this one though ):
    I see Lewis is advocating Attack on Titan. They must be paying him, I have binge watched it, took me a couple of days, only to realise I now need to play the waiting game for season 2!!
    Its an animated adult show on netflix.

    Humans are nearing extinction. They live in small cities surrounded by giant walls because outside giants roam the world who eat humans for sport. Theyre safe enough behind the walls til a special giant one appears and breaks a hole in the wall letting all the others in. The show focuses around the the main character and his friends who vow to wipe them all out after seeing some pretty brutal things. The first few episodes have a really FMJ vibe where he joins a bootcamp that trains soldiers for combat against the giants. I like how utterly helpless they are though. They can barely fight back and just taking on one giant alone is nigh impossible for a squad of soldiers so you really feel for them as their helpless in everyway. The story characters and especially the design on the titans which is pretty scary looking imo make for a great watch. I went in expecting fuck all but its easily became one of the best things ive ever watched. Waiting for the second season will be torture :sad:
    Aye i was rteally impressed with him for sure. Ive been watching attack on titan on netflix. 10 episodes in but im flabergasted at just how good it is. Never seen anything like it
    Good man!!! I never saw the sorta twist at the end coming. Never woulda had him down as a crossdressing hooker. Was great seeing mcavoy play a total arsehole like he did in Filth. I reckon il check out the other film adaptions of irvine welshes books. Ecstasy recieved poor reviews but ive been told many times that its a really good watch and i hear Acid House is just a bit batshit. Dunno how i feel about the trainspotting sequel. The books done right but its trickier with films. If its bad they run the risk of destroying the first films legacy =(

    For a wee country a lot of great films have came from Scotland. If you jhavent check out sweet 16. Thats a film that sucks you in emotionally
    :lew: Films like that beg for an actor like Jason Statham hahahaha. Fuck it wel make him an ex assasin aswell.

    Aye i always got the feeling he was trying to be clever and poetic and all that bollocks in his films. I had the convo with a friend of a friend and they just thought von trier was the mesiah. Everything he did be it intentional or not was pure Picasso. Its a bit too much for me but il have to sit and finish nymphomaniac...i was more in the mood for a Segal film that weekend i must admit. I hate not finishing films either even when theyre shite.

    Have you seen Filth with James McAvoy? If you havent its well worth a watch. Never really took much interest in McAvoy until now. He wasnt great or bad just meh but hes brilliant in this film. As far as characters in films go hes plays one of the most memorable in recent times. Its an Irvine Welsh book originally btw
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aye :lew: Its like a bad film man. Champion fighter gets angry in the ring and almost kills a man. Spends many a year hitting the bottle drowning in guilt before pulling himself out the gutter. I dont remember the part though where it turns out hes actually a woman but turns out hes not. Turns out hes just a right mental cunt. Aye after he started dating that Vikki character Mandi made sure no one could say anything against him. They were peas in the same pod though. She was a pure mental cow aswell o_o

    Also as the resident film buff around this part of town whats your thoughts on Lars Von trier? I went to watch nymphomniac the other day with a friend but fell asleep. His movies feel so......pedantic?
    to think people were dumb enough to fall for it, idiots on the internet eh, hahahahahahah
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