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  • So I've been told, that Gunslinger us good, then The Drawing of Three is the weakest but after that they ridiculously amazing. Well Cinderella Man and Frost/Nixon are incredible films that he directed, true he hasn't directed an 'epic' type film but I have faith. Plus Javier freakin Bardem, who after No Country For Old Men I have a man crush on
    Yerr, well I'm half way through The Drawing of Three and absolutely in love with the series(though taking it easy until after exams). Interesting article my man, I was afraid something like this might happen considering the vastness of what they're undertaking. Though I'm holding onto the latest update, that all projects have budget concerns at some point before release. Javier Bardem being confirmed as Roland finally, was sextastic though
    You were pretty much the only one of ACF's ghost past to know about plushies, what do you think of their look? Good enough? :gasp:
    muse is the only thing i will ever buy

    because its just that good :monster:
    yeah i had to look a few times and i was like theres no way that's matt, that arms wayyyy too buff :wacky:

    but i guess i could download the movie while i play disgaea

    who is that in your signature (and like wtf is it supposed to be pointing at), I was thinking it was matt but the arm is a little too buff i think to be him :wacky:
    well the only thing ive ever seen with a kangaroo in it was that movie with a kangaroo that jacked a guys hoodie with some cash in it that he needed to get back to score some ass and so he wouldnt get shot to death

    there was also a black guy in it

    yes, that's extremely relevant to the subject at hand :elmo:

    do you not have skippy peanut butter in the UK or something :wacky:
    ARE YOU HIGH :monster:

    well at least you didnt think skippy was a kangaroo like the last guy i said that to did
    jesus loves me

    he loves me a bunch

    cuz he always puts skippy in my lunch :monster:
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