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    Story Time: How You Found Bands/Singers You Love

    For my favourite band, it's as simple as a friend's recommendation really. A good friend from uni and I both had very similar music tastes so I could usually rely on liking a new band that he'd found. When we were working on our final project in third year he was playing The Airborne Toxic...
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    Mene is a right bastard

    I mean that just makes it worse. Presumably the chocographs which change your colour are already buried out in the world, so Mene is just going about burying more treasure and making it more difficult for Choco to reach paradise. If he's gotten himself into debt via doing that, then he clearly...
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    Mene is a right bastard

    If you don't remember, Mene is the moogle who allows you to play Chocobo Hot & Cold. I've been replaying 9 over the last week or so and it really struck me how awful Mene is. His whole thing is "I want to help my friend (Choco the chocobo) become strong and be happy." Now obviously we all know...
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    Master Gizamaluke

    I'm replaying 9 now so I've just passed Burmecia and Gizamaluke's Grotto. I'd never really put too much thought into who or what he really was to the Burmecians, but this has me wondering. I guess they see him as some sort of god? The whole thing about marriage vows definitely hints towards him...
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    I'd hate to be a summoner from Bevelle

    I thought that too. Being from anywhere other than Besaid makes the whole pilgrimage so inconvenient and the closer to Zanarkand you are, the harder it is. You'd think that'd make Besaid some sort of summoners hub - the ideal to place to start your pilgrimage from. I guess there's actually...
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    If Edea had been kept in FFVII...

    I had never heard this before, but that sounds so interesting. Obviously without any proper knowledge/context you can't say anything for sure, but I can imagine her fitting in as another surviving ancient, or some sort of alternative to/different version of Jenova. It's very interesting to think...
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    Tent bug

    Tents in battle inflict negative status on the party. I don't know if they also hit the enemy, I've only ever used one once and then learned my lesson. Best to avoid doing that.
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    Tent bug

    Not a bug - that's just how it's meant to be. I don't remember the same thing happening at inns, but I haven't played in a long time so could be wrong on that. It's frustrating, but what can you do.
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    Coronavirus. How is it affecting you?

    Cut to (almost) one year later... I run a bar so we've really felt the effects of what's been going on. Those last couple of weeks before the UK went into lockdown (almost exactly a year ago) were so quiet, it was strange. At first I remember the whole feeling that it was just something that...
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    Favourite Alcohol

    I started working in a bar a few years ago and my tastes in beer have changed a lot. I can't stand any kind of mass-produced lagers anymore (Carling, Stella, Bud and so on). I'm now probably a bit of a beer snob and drink only craft stuff. Living in Manchester I'm very spoiled with my selections...
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    FFF Join Date List

    Blimey this has been a hell of a nostalgia trip. Even charliepanayi, Scrutator and even DarkSquall have posted in (relatively) recent years! I joined back in March 06 - I can't remember exactly why I joined but I followed a sig advert from over on the old Advent Children Forums, back when that...
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    FFIX: What would you change?

    Were the battles actually? Like, the ATB bar fills up too slowly? I haven't played the game in years so I can't really remember, but I know it was never something that crossed my mind. Until recently I would have agreed completely with everyone about the Trance system, and I suppose I do to an...
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    Help Pointlessly ranting

    It wasn't really something I was looking for help with, I just wanted to vent a bit. Thanks though. I managed to get 10 of everything this morning, finally. I had one more annoying death in Omega, and spent ages on Gagazet. Now on to farming gil at the Monster Arena to be able to bribe Malboros...
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    The Loss of Secret Characters

    I can't imagine missing Yuffie at all. Vincent at least has some relevance to the overall backstory, which adds some interest to his character. I've never felt like Yuffie had any kind of relevance to the game at all, even when you take the Wutai side story into account. I can't remember how I...
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    Help Pointlessly ranting

    Mostly because I need to get it off my chest, but... I've just died for the third time trying to capture 10 of everything in Omega Ruins. I've got a little habit of doing a full lap all the way around the ruins and then spending all my levels when I get back to the save point - the whole thing...