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  • It was extremely excellent, jeez louise I just realised it will be far easier to add you on Facebook. So expect that friend request!
    maybe you didnt, but i am certain that i got it from here or fcf haha
    some shit that got posted years ago

    i found it while i was looking through my photobucket for some of my favorite icons :wacky:
    Yes! I read the books in a two weeks after I finished the show. I had the read the first 3 books back in 07 or so but stopped after a while. Jaime is for sure my favourite.

    Only two eps in, stopped everything because my exams start this friday. My last ever undergrad ones :ewan:
    Started Doctor Who finally, blasted out a few wanks over Billie Piper already. Need to get it out of my system so I can focus on the story more
    I thought about seeing lincoln but changed my mind after reading your post. Ive got no interest in American history and or politics either so i guess id be stuck in a movie i have no clue how to follow.
    i was already super tired i thought a relacing bath would help wake me up but it had the opposite effect hahaha. I woke up and the water was so cold so i fire in in hot water for 5 mins before getting out the tub.
    Dude im so sorry i fell asleep in the bathtub :lew: 3 hour long bath. Man the water was cold when i awoke :lew:
    Yeah that isn't touched on at all, it just says they're walking down the road after leaving the palace pretty much. The story within the story is actually pretty good, it's not so much a fairytail as an old story about mid-world.
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