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  • Not sure if you still use MSN that much, but I merged it with Skype.

    My skype name is rzfriedryce. Add me! :P
    Hehe.... Um... I'm working on my story right now. I'll have to you in about.... 2 hours (from the time of this message). Can it still be counted? Or is it too late?
    I see. His other singles aren't terrible. I just have to be in a certain mood to really enjoy them. :lew: I might get the album at some point. :D
    Lol yeah I was actually a mod there. When the drama starting rising here in early 2007, Mistuki, Aerith, and I were in a convo with Kain and he announced that he had a forum on the side for fun. A few more members made accounts there and when Sephiroth was demodded, followed by several other mods many members started joining FFH. Oh the memories!
    The 2013 piece I did is pretty easy.

    Although those horizontal lines are part of the stock :grin:


    I'll give you a tutorial tomorrow, or soon. You've been asking a tut from me for a long time, and it's about time I made one :lew:
    Hey Jude!

    Merry Christmas. :D Haven't talked to you in awhile, but hope you're doing alright.
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