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  • p.s. i think it did kick off in another thread somewhere, we think he made *another* thread, saying he had been ''hacked'' which must have been deleted, I assume, for said kick off.

    And my bullshit detector was strong with that one :lew:
    Aye i know :lew: Ive just been sat bantering with Kelly about the old days. Sittin there reading some of his threads and fucking hell man :lew: You dont see this kinda madness on the Jeremy Kyle show. The sad part is in that thread up until Kellys post every single person laps up everything he says without question :ffs: I cant find the thread he made though when he claimed he was 'hacked' Mighta been deleted cuz im sure i remember him getting tore to pieces by myself Kelly Jim Hal and you.
    That guy was....for lack of better words. A mental cunt :lew:
    ohhhh get on it laddie. Its a telltale game so the story is pretty fucking good and has a really good adventure style gameplay. I was amazed at the voice acting as its not Michael J fox or Christopher lloyd but they sound almost identical to the originals though il admit marty takes a few scenes to get used to. Loads of references to the movie and stays true to the spirit of BttF by having Biffs ancestors playing the villains. Complete with wrong quotes and all. I finshed it last night and it felt like the last adventure the series needed. The third film was a bit bland. Too bad wel never get any more of them =(

    Also. Just help me settle an argument with a friend. Whos the best Midfielder to ever play in the Premier League?
    i had no idea, i never use rotten tomatoes but that is good to hear :ohoho: i was mainly thinking it got panned because the few reviews i read said it was too political and what not
    I saw Argo and 12 Years a Slave, I will rewatch it to focus on him in those. I wish he had as big a role as he did in this, though. I am thankful for Killing Them softly though, he had the biggest role in that film if you ask me. Glad to see he'll be in Batman, I'm sure he'll be great. I'm surprised someone else liked it on here, I heard critics said bad things about it.
    I completely agree about that ending being the best ending ever. The night I watched it, I showed it to my mom and sisters and was expecting them to be as blown away by it but they're not really movie-junkies so I guess the impact of it wasn't the same for them. Still, I ended up watching it again and again. Very powerful. What other films has Scoot been in? It was the first I heard of him :hmmm: I also agree about Liotta's beat up scene, that was very intense and hard to watch.
    When yer a famous director dont forget your roots ok :mokken:

    That old pal in Scotland could always use some extra work. Im happy to play the part of the fool. Just ring me up k :mokken:
    have you seen dead mans shoes? I hear its really good and it has paddy considine it too! Considering watching it
    I just felt like i had to share this with someone. Those wotsit chips things?

    Aboslutely disgusting :jtc: neither wotsit nor chip. I was sad :(
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