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  • hmm i dont use steam at all tbh. do you have skype? i can just shoot you a message next time we all decide to play and maybe we can work out a time. we've only played once but it was hilarious :wacky: would be awesome to get a full party, I know gilgamesh is one more day
    yes i beat the 200 gilgamesh one, i must say it wasnt all that hard but you have to throw out plenty of heals and defence
    smiff mate how are you

    cali kira and i did some ffrk dungeons it was pretty fun would be great if you could join us :8F:
    Haven't had much chance, but... Glad to have you on board, Smiff. =] We needed a few more level heads to join the team. Let me know if there's anything you need help with.
    Normal for me. I don't like to rush, honestly. I'm one of those players that would rather take days to complete a game, as I like to build my civilization first and not focus too much on war. I used to play Age of Empires waaaay back then so I really love the aspect of gathering as much resources, etc.
    Contacted Mitsuki. I will take care of your Raffle reward this time. I can't hand it out until this coloured username runs out otherwise it will overwrite. Do you want the same colour for the other week? By the time this one runs out I'll reward you another one for 7 days.
    I don't remember the shade of red I gave you last time. Should I just grab a random one? Or do you have a preference?
    Only been up there once, but I heard it's really nice.

    Good to hear you had some good time then. :) The crazy drivers out here didn't scare you at all?
    Fucking broken vertebra of all things. Maybe if he some meat on his fucking bones hed be fine :rage:
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