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  • Great to see you post in the FFF Now and Then. You will always be Carrier of Hope to me! :D I also seem to recall a member called Rapture or something. I think you guys talked often. I could be wrong!
    Ha, just read your usernote (nearly a year later admittedly :p). How's things going with yourself these days? x
    Why not change your name if you are tired of being mistaken? You can hardly blame people for seeing the name and thinking it's Joey. I've been inactive here, so I didn't know you weren't Joey until you got onto whomever it was. It's kinda like that one Dave Chappelle joke.

    Regardless, hope today is going better than that day.
    I could not for the life of me figure out who you were at first. :lew:

    Love the red hair, btw. It looks great.
    That was such a good year for music :sad: There were sooo many good songs coming Its boring. Im so bored of everything i iisten to
    :ohoho: good call

    Whenever im bored around the house i always end up playing chase this light on guitar. can never get bored of that song ( or the album tbh )
    There we go :D

    And ohh haha me as well. My other job now I begin a nannying job next week. I thought it would start later but no...luckily its 4 days a week-not 5. And IKR? Waking up early in the morning is the worst. Like...the WORST. I NEED SLEEP :rage:
    Texing/calling, eh? Aww forum bf? :wacky:
    I know I said this lat time, and the time before that and the time before that, but im going to try and be more active from now on. Kinda miss this place in a way.
    Fair enough. I knew you wouldn't be gone for long. They always come back... :wacky:

    I just realised that I (which also includes you) have been here, granted very on and off, for the best part of a decade. A FUCKING DECADE! How has that happened!? :eek: does a pretty good job of explaining how to set it up long term. Though making it a static IP and setting up the dynamic DNS seems a bit far if she is using a laptop, in my opinion.

    HeroOnSocks is my add should you need it if you ladies can't figure it out or have any questions.
    I assume one of you are using the server software you gotta download, so I'll skip that bit. You may try asking them if they have set up port forwarding...basically, telling your router to send Minecraft requests to the right computer. More often than not it's a port forwarding issue with people setting up their new servers. If you need any help getting that done, I'll just be hanging around today and can be nabbed on Skype or Steam or whatever.
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