Prince Oberyn Martel

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  • I know right it’s so frustrating!
    I mean the series goes a bit different from the books after season 4 or so so it’s worth the read to see the differences I would say. I wish he’d hurry the hell up with the next book though pfffft

    I’m good ta. Busy. I kinda miss the old student life. But then remember I like not being poor all the time!
    I am still here very occasionally!
    Mate I can't believe you haven't finished it haha. might as well just start them all again now tbh... I keep thinking about it but they take so long to read I don't know if I can commit to that..

    Hope you're keeping well!
    Haha I know right :wacky:

    Definitely progress! I am... proud? :wacky:

    Ahaha he lives in Manchester this year so I'm not seeing him a lot at the mo anyway if that makes you feel any better.
    How's it going at the mo anyway. I'm fucking great :griin: secured a summer job at a place I really wanted a job so I don't have to go back down south over the summer which is GREAT :ohoho:
    Ahhh I thought I'd replied :sad3:

    Awesome. Glad you're doing well. Or you were on Feb 25th. How's it going now? :wacky:

    He is indeed :griin: and... maybe he does :britt:
    Haha yeah cutting down is better than nothing. Proud of you ;)

    yep he's perfect in every way and he will be mine eventually
    Oh I don't feel too bad then :lew:
    But yeah he kinda does. He'll be okay, he has to be okay :sad2:

    Yeaaah thats better :mokken:

    Ah thats awesome. quitting smoking is good :mokken: though I met the love of my life on Tuesday and he smokes. though I can totally let that go
    Ah you dick :mokken: what if I'd properly given a spoiler huh :mokken:

    Disappointing us not on Valentine's day isn't acceptable either really :ahmed:

    Get on with it :ahmed:
    how's it going anyhow?
    Haha gladly. I've been staying with my parents far too long, they're driving me up the fucking WALL

    back to Leeds soon though so life will get good again for a variety of reasons soon enough :p
    Suuuuure. Not enough time to just finish a book huh! :mokken:

    Ah that book is awesome when you get round to it. It takes a lot longer to get through than you expect though :wacky:
    Ah ffs FINISH IT. There's a horrible cliffhanger :sad:

    Yeah it is haha. I ordered it before xmas and wasn't expecting it to be SO huge. It's awesome and it's just like reading a really cool history book
    I may or may not have done that :monocle:

    But you have transformed into Oberyn Martell so shaddap :mokken:
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