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  • Yeah I'm still around. Kind of hard to leave because I feel like I've grown with the active / veteran members here. It has been ten years or something. Kind of hard to just walk out and never turn back, I guess.

    Well I hope you pop up every now and then, stranger. =]
    Easy easy, just returned to the forums and it would appear you're still active.
    :monster: How be thee?
    First house! Nice, I've still yet to get one. Living by yourself?

    And I have two kids now. Oldest daughter is ten, and my son is four. Yeah, it's definitely been crazy.

    What made you decide to pop back in? It's funny, Gabranth showed up last night too. Heh, good times! I'm really glad to hear you're doing great after all these years. :)
    Probably because I never told you. :)

    I'm good, Virgil. Still around despite the great decline in activity. =P How are you? Been awhile!
    There's only one name I'll never know you by... Saix. Hope all is good with you amigo!
    No visitor messages, what is the meaning of this!?

    Hows the end of April sound? We'd be looking at booking liek the next few days i think.
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