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  • Happy Smurfday yo. I hope you still drink Jack, and you have plenty of it with Steve-o. Take care of yourself beauti-ful.
    just got your pm! i absolutely LOVE the images you sent! i'll get back to you asap <333
    hmm another yuna and tidus set would be a-ok also! aaanything at all

    believe me, i am as tired of school as much as the next person :gonk: and it really sucks that my dream job requires a master's degree </3

    my love life? i should probably pm you for that one :wacky: btw! idk if i've already told you but you got me curious about once upon a time and now i'm eagerly antcipating the end of season two! i love the series so much because

    i wanted to edit something but i have no idea what and you've always given me great stuff to work with so anytime <333

    i'm still in awe of how long you and steve have been together it's so sweet <3 and 2 weeks of break omggg heaven :gonk:

    going back to uni for my last subject so i will graduate then-- i'm really not sure what my plans are afterward :wacky:
    kandydarlin <3

    if and when you want a new set i am your woman ok

    also how are youuu :cali:
    Hmm, I don't think I've seen that one. I'll look it up on YouTube to check it out. XD

    My favorite movie of all time is Toy Story 2. I ran that VHS so much as a kid. My parents still talk about how much I used to watch it. >_>

    Lately though, I'm really wanting to see Oz. It looks like it could be a great movie.

    Oh! My name is Anthony. :)
    Hiya :)

    You're a fan of The Rock? If so, that's awesome. My favorite movie of his is The Gameplan. He did great in that one. I also really like The Rundown and Journey 2. XD
    Hey Kandy,

    All is well. :) Might shampoo our carpet today and do more clean-up...again. :ryan: My little one makes such a huge mess for someone so small.

    How you been lately? Also, did you completely stop making GFX? I remember you used to be so active.
    Making my comeback tour! I'm actually out of the military in a week and dooing 2 weeks of travel before moving back home to a more stable and consistance lifestyle which will allow me more time online! Ahhh 4 years over already! Looking to get back into the swing of things here. So I'm doing awesome! How's things been for you?!
    Hey there miss Kandy. I've been up and down! Work has been busy, and by busy.. I mean we have a month left on a major client. Had some personal stuff to deal with these past weeks, but been hanging in there with every curve ball.

    Though enough about me, how about you? How have you been?
    Thanks for voting in SOTW this week! We're trying to get the section back on track as it's been pretty dead lately. We're gonna need all the votes and entries we can get! Thanks for contributing as usual! ♥
    No problem at all! link (just click on options>download) <3

    I've been working part-time at a museum. It's going great, loving my job surprisingly D= I actually have work tomorrow though so I have to get up reaaal early

    OMG that is awesome news! You're getting a house! :3 Do you know what kind of house you want already?
    Kandydarling I miss you too! So great to hear from you! How are you and Steve? =D

    Thank you btw I feel so fuzzy inside now :3 oh if you'd like, I can send you a hi-res of the butterfly painting to print. =D it will be like a late-Christmas gift from me to you <3
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