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  • I know I'm sorry. D: The other Admin screwed with it and now I can't figure out how to fix it. xD I'm trying though
    That be me. c:
    Click the link in the email to confirm your account & start posting so the forum doesn't look so empty lol. xD
    I can walk you through a quick tutorial if you'd like, just teaching you all of the basics. Or you could look stuff up on YouTube, ect. No, you don't need the image first, and usually it's best if you set a size, then ADD the image AFTER you've started.
    Your welcome :-)
    You'll need to add brushes, fonts, ect, but to get you started, a good website for downloading fonts is, and browse DeviantART for some good Gimp brushes.
    Well, I use Gimp 2.6, which is a free thing you can download from the Internet, along with fonts, brushes, ect. If you're willing to dish out some money, you can get the REALLY good stuff, like Photoshop, which I want. ;_; But there are plenty of people who make gorgeous graphics on Gimp, too, like c a l i l i l y.
    I think she'll probably come back. xD The fact they're saying Sora's meant to save everyone, from their torment, I'm sure she'll be thrown in.
    Okay. xD BBS rocks<3 Though I was the genius who couldn't figure out how to turn off her PSP at first. xD Not much, just browsing. I'm bored XDD
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