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  • That's fine, I just got done with yours. I did notice the other cards so I left those alone and just added the cards you originally had before the tournament. The cards you got from the tourney are also included, so you're good. :)
    I wouldn't mind doing it every month or two, except players must play with their current cards and me not having to reset anyone's cards. :wacky:
    Setting it up. ^^ What's your best cards? Like which levels? I wanna make sure I don't throw a level 9 card out there. :wacky:
    >:3 heehee, I'll bet. Since there's so much planet in the way, care to read some of them stories? XD I'm sure I could manage to polish one enough to share.
    Ha, then vanilla is mainly what I write, but I throw the conventional idea of romantic (candles, too much mush and diabetes-inducing sweet) out the window and go with something more grounded and sexy. ;D Sometimes I go exploring odd regions like tentacles (STRICTLY as a lol though, rather than straightforward...), threesomes, orgies and other stuff, but I don't get weird. Extreme stuff like NTR and the like put me off too D: I like quirky loves and raunchy smex, not insanity.
    Heh I've only put one of my filthy figments on the internet yet and it's a silly, sexy fanfiction I wrote for laughs. Don't know if it's vanilla or lemon or cherry. It's all just smex to me.
    Ha, your naughtiness doesn't scare me. ;D I write erotic fiction anyway, mwahahaha... I'm already corrupted.
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