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  • Hey, next time you accidentally hit the wrong vote in SOTW/AOTW, shoot me a PM. It didn't matter right now, cause one entry had way more votes. But if you let me know next time what your original vote was supposed to go to, I'll contact the admins and have them change it for you. ;)
    hey phoebe,how are thing's going?

    I've been working on my comp but i have no clue what im doing -_-...

    thank's for takeing over my character for me hopefully my old man's friend can find out why the tower doesnt come on.
    Alright I just wanted to invite you just in case you wanted to join up,the offer's always open as long as the RP is still alive XD which I hope last's for a long time yet.

    But Thank's for responding ^_^
    lol About the RP Im not sure where I should jump in,tbh everyone is so detailed and whatnot I wouldn't wanna just screw their battle up so I could use a little guidence on this x.x;.
    You don't have to use it immeadately, but I made you a set just in case you want to switch it up ^_^


    HOpe you like. :ryan:
    <3 You should totally enter this caricature competition that I'm [probably] planning. You'll be awesome at it - though I'll need to ban myself from entering. xDD
    thats my fav too! well, i have two favs. rainbow dash and applejack :) gawsh i feel like such a lil kid!
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