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    Thanks for adding me. ore wa....?

    Thanks for adding me. ore wa....?
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    What game did you buy last?

    Last game i brought was Skyrim. I figured i could be one of those people who could brag how good it was starting from when it first came out. Then i started playing the game and found how absolute shit it was. it got boring so damned fast.... thought it would be an even better game than...
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    From this day forth, you shall by named "Ayu." Why? cuz it's sexy. :sup:
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    Welcome to the forums~ tbh i was half tempted to post a youtube link to Nyancats just to irk you (cuzi'm just awesome like that) but got lazy =P Anyways have fun, stay active, and........... *rubs chin*
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    Welcome to the forums~

    Welcome to the forums~
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    Anime Last Anime You Watched

    I'm now currently watching highschool DxD, which is an awesome anime, which came from the Light Novels! (The manga only has 2-3 vols so far). It's got a fair bit of fanservice, with TnA but it also has an equal amount of action as well! I'm also watching Nisemonogatari (sequel to...
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    Remember me?

    You all bloody well better have! Just kidding! well in any case, I'm back. :megusta2:
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    /ninja's VM

    /ninja's VM
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    Um, Hi.

    :sad3: King Perv even told you to stay away from me?! I'm harmess... :grin:
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    Um, Hi.

    hey thereeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D welcome to the forum! And son't stay away from me like Al said. he's just jealous :mokken:
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    Hey there.

    Ooooh another female? :jess: Welcome to the lov- erm forum! :griin:
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    PC Plants vs. Zombies

    Lol i remember this game! Was so fun! Although it's like Vyxsin said, Its only good for short burst plays, not long ones cos it does get repetitive lol.
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    Eff Eff Eff needs

    FFF Needs Moar wemenz... of the yummeh kind :kinky:
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    I found this

    Trust you to think of that nose as penis shaped :ahmed:
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    Don't listen to her, She'll devour your sanity like she'd devour...that dude.... What's his name again? :hmmm: Ah Yeds, and Welcome to the forums lad~