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  • Indeed about the sheets :britt: What friends, though? :gasp:

    Also, thanks for giving me props for my post in EA, and taking the time to read it :) I liked yours too, it looks like this will be a really interesting RP :awesome:
    The innocent messenger/brother was refering to James not myself btw...

    I'm a loner XD My family is gone, had a half brother. Shit happens no?:x3:
    D'awwwwww, but he's so hawt though :jess: And...hey, besides, aren't I supposed to be your interwebz mother? :mokken: That should mean I can do whatever I want, right?! Now, um....go to your room, and mow the grass, and take out the garbage, and leave that picture here with me :ryan:
    Haha thanks! Balthier is my second favorite Final Fantasy character, right after Zack Fair. His personality is almost exactly like mine, so I took a liking to him rather quickly. Plus, he's the leading man.
    . . .I thought it was just a random fact until I saw "dirty joke" at the bottom . :rofl:
    I lol'd ~ :wacky:
    Ah, I see :D I'll have to check them out, I think I've heard of them before :hmmm: And I really like :britt: Y-yes, that's it... >.> ..... <.< ..... *steals your sig and runs off somewhere to perv*
    Hahahaha :lew:
    Nah I don't think that'd go down too well tbh :wacky: although him bailing on me didn't sit too well with me so I guess we'll see :griin:
    I'm off up to the airport tomorrow evening and flying out Wednesday morning so no, you haven't missed me :lew:
    Will do :griin: I (or my parents) always take loads of photos on holiday :lew:

    Cheers, Anty :ryan: seeya in a few daaaays
    :ohoho: I see xD Well then I guess that was for the best then :D My poor bellybutton though, it will never be the same ;_;

    Also, who is that in your siggy? :hmmm:
    *pokes* um, so listen, you kinda got my username wrong in the Pokemon Fanclub. It's Advocate, not Associate. :wacky:
    I think i managed to post a picture of me on a thread somewhere, but i lost it ;_;

    I'm 5'7" and I'm the shortest person in my family .w.
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