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  • The new picture is Beatrix from ff9. Shes a paladin and i so wanna play paladin when i get skyrim :). i could say the same to you it looks like your being sick into a sandwhich? And yeah i hope it goes well too... :( i've been upset lately and i dont wanna be sad at christmas. x
    I'm getting skyrim and disgaea 4 for christmas :) cannot wait. I have another date on saturday annnnnnnnd i would so kick ur ass lol. Jin is just as good as ragna ;) x
    Shut up you know am a blazblue fangirl..... clammity trigger and continuum shift :P i play as hazama and litchi fay-ling. We must discuss this lol. and happy burthday ;) hope u got something u were after ;) lol xxx
    Im back :) sorry i was gone a while. and dont worry turning 20 isn't a mjor thing really lol xx
    Thanx :D and yeah why you beating them? get your ass on pennance lol. U need to challenge yourself :P
    awwwww ffx-2 hehe that game rocks. :) i was on ff8 trying to beat the omega weapon :/ hey guess what? i have a date next week... yay! :D xx
    nope i dont watch bleech, altho i have heard of it. You done anything for bonfire night? xx
    Essex it is, i guess the only way is essex lol. :p and what kinda halloween mask did you wear? i was a vampire, had full gothic with fangs and a cape i made out of a bin bag lol. xx
    lol well okay then, what do you call yourself? i dont live near there anymore but i go back to drink sometimes. I did for halloween :) what did you do to celebrate it? xx and thanks its an awesum picture but sadly its not me lol. im not that beautiful
    Its goin alright thanks :) i have a house party tomorrow and a few horror nights for halloween. cant wait :D i've just got arkham city which am playin. my weeks goin alright,
    how about urs? xx
    It doesn't look that fab. I donno. I'd need to see a review before i buy it. I feel the same way about infinity that i do with FFXIII-2. I might buy both but other peoples opinions will waver my own. :s xx
    Hmmm bioshock was great for the first hour.... i got to the garden bit and it just pissed me off. I could never settle down in it. I respect that people like it and i will try infinity when it comes out. But im not a fan really :/ x
    There's a certain person im interested in but the house party next week will show me if i can flirt my way through to them. :) and yeah i like the xmen games. I played xmen legends and xmen legends 2 which are the best xmen games cause they follow the plot so well. I liked watching the anime series too. and xmen evolution. :) xx
    Every girl gets it babe lol. :P but am back on the beat now. Cant wait for Batman arkham city to come out on friday and im getting xmen destiny :) its all awesome. I have loads of money its my friends who are all poor lol xx
    I didn't go out clubbin lol. my friends didn't have alot of money so we called it off..... and you know i get a little moody once a month anyway. The two have mixed and pissed me off :P x
    Sorry, im just a bit tense this week. and the weekend was kinda crappy. I wasn't in the mood for that. x
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