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  • Ahhh I see. Actually it is a cheese sandwich and I was been a little baby playing with his food xD Me and my friends were laughing mad. Awwww I hope so =[ if not then I'll be here ^^ A friend in need is a friend to help for me =]
    My friend said I can borrow his fo awhile but I'm not going to yet. And I always wanted to play disgaia? Sorry can't remember the name but I have heard of it dozens of times ^^ And Jin is an easy use character with the ice attacks =p Me and Ragna would make total annihilation xD And I'm going to Australia for Christmas ^^ And good luck on your next date ^^ Hopefully you'll find someone you can stick to and be happy =] Unless you like dating then I still support you ^^

    And whats you latest pic about?
    Well I didn't really find anything for my brithday so I bought stuff that would be some use to me like shoes, pspgame, BlazBlue bluh bluh bluh xD

    And Ragna for the frikkin win! I managed to pull of his Astral finish and it was sooo kewl. I finished all the others arcade storys sunday so I unlocked their unlimited and astrals too.

    I wanna get the new one coming out fo PSVita though. Supposed to have Ragnas sister in. And she is running the whole NOL! 0.0 (I did some research =p)
    Bored.Like.Mad. Even on my 18th =l But last week I bought a game named BlazBlue and Oh my i'm hooked on it xD
    How ddi your birthday went?
    Man that would suck...I'd die without my internet :O
    Haha I'm good, I'm eating chocolate covered pretzals :D My brother also told me he's getting me Skyward Sword for my birthday :woo:
    I'm so sorry if I didn't put it in on time =[ But Happy Birthday !!!!!!! ^^ =DDDDD -Gives unlimited amount of cookies-
    Meh. Killed Penance with Yojimbo ^^

    Abnd you excited for this date then?
    That sounds like fun :jess: Haha I didn't know that :P So it's a lot like our 4th of July?
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