Well I'm 17 soon to be 18 in November I can't wait for that =D
I like eating anything and drinking anything.
My social life is pretty epic so far but I spend lots of time on my Final Fantasy games aswell.
I'm currently waiting to get Final Fantasy versus XIII and I want to get Dissidea 012.

The shows I like watching is mainly anime but I like watching Bleach.
My movies would be the Final Fantasy movies but the one I don't really like is Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.

Final fantasy, Bleach, Eating, Drinking, Focusing on what I need to do, Drawing manga and thats it.
Nov 13, 1993 (Age: 28)
Clacton - On - Sea
Nothing yet.
Marital Status
Single and looking
Real Name
Luke Buckley
Favorite Game
Dissidea: Final Fantasy, And much more.
Favorite Character
Cloud Strife, Jecht
Favorite Movie
Don't have a favorite as they are all good.
Favorite TV Show/Anime
Favorite Artist
The Black Mages, Noisia
Favorite Book/Manga
None yet
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