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  • May wanna change the credit line in your signature as I didn’t make that. 😅 Credit where it’s due etc.
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    good point sorry, kind of kept the sig the same
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    The exchange tickets were set to Unique, so I changed that. See if you can purchase it now.
    Hey LJ, don't forget to put your vote in the poll for the FFXIV Summer Fest event! [LINK]

    Thank you!
    Hey LJs, back again! Whenever you have the time to chuck up the rest of the tips would be lovely :).
    Hey LJs, I'm all recorded up now! Whenever you're ready to post the next tips section :).
    If kira doesn't want any gil, you get 50K and I'm gonna give my friend the rest. if she doesn't want it, it's all yours, bro

    thanks for the help. :pooley:
    Hey make sure to post your video in the Trick-OR-Treat thread. I'm finalizing things later this afternoon.
    I wasn't going to suggest much. I was just going to say since you have some games now to tide you over you should wait until some more major releases come out. Some ideas include:

    Disgaea series. (If you haven't played any of them yet there is a collection of 3, 4, and D2 for $40) Comes out next week for PS3.
    Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax(A 2D fighing game from Sega with a bunch of anime characters not from SJ) Comes out on the 1st of October for PS3/Vita
    Tales of Zestiria(I don't think I have to tell you anything about this one.)
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of the Cold Steel(If you enjoyed Trails in the Sky you should enjoy this one) Comes out on November 17th for PS3/Vita.
    Sword Art Online: Lost Song.(I think I remember seeing you mention that you liked Hallowed Fragment so I can't see any reason you wouldn't like this one. ) Comes out on November 17th as well for Vita.
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