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  • Yo bro new trading system has been released! ROB I kinda like it but its tricky.. Proper enhanced before evolving needs to be taken in account.

    Finally we can trade again though hoho!
    Im sorry if I offended you in any way. It was not my intention as I was writing the post that was the only thing I recalled from your post.
    Have we asked you about joining the FFClans yet? :wacky: You often take part in the quizzes, so it would be great to have you! =)
    My younger brother has decided to play TOR. Unfortunately, he can usually only play for about an hour a day. I went ahead and helped him catch up to where we are (or close to it).
    Could have sworn I did cause I was updating. Good chance I didn't as when I brought up the issue it did another synch but I did get more trophies only like 2 since then.
    Leaderboards have been updated again. Sorry for the issue, but are you sure you synced your trophies last week? :lew:
    You must have have just gotten those within the past few hours :ahmed: Didn't you?
    If you could, that would be great. I'd also like to know if it resets your money/arena coins. Coins more so than money. :damon:
    I'm alright on farming cash. Only reason I do it currently is to make leveling up more productive and less boring. :lew:

    Just managed to buy that 100,000 gun from the store with the tinkerer in it. Can't wait to dual wield, as Vashyron is only about 30 pounds from doing so.
    I've figured out the bonus hit. I used to think smack down was a good way to get extra items...but this!
    Yeah, I mean I know how to do that, but what I'm saying is during Hero Actions I don't see any white token spinning around the bonus hit reticule. I've pulled it off only once during Hero Actions, but that was cause the token actually appeared then. Not sure if I have to hit something to spin the bonus hit?
    I have a question regarding RoF. Is it impossible to create a bonus hit on an airborn enemy whilst in a Hero Action? I notice the gauge pops up sometimes on airborn enemies like it intends to initiate, but never does. Do I have to be stationary for it?
    Yo, what's up with your PSN playercard? According to it, you've LOST trophies since last week. I'll check the actual numbers on my PS3 when I get home, :wacky:
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