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  • Stick in there bud about the girl situation. In the end, none of us can give you the best advice, only guidance from their own wisdom/experience. I would say if you think you have a chance, why not.. though the best thing I would reiterate is.. be honest with yourself. If you know you don't see her coming back, and she is only lonely, do not get with that girl. Loneliness in folks drives them to do things that normally they wouldn't.
    Sorry to hear about your absolutely disgusting day at work, that truly sucks screwballs. :/
    You won a couple colored usernames (7 days for raffles and 1 month for FC achievement). Let me know when you're ready to active them. Sooner the better so I can easily keep track of things. :)
    Dude, is something wrong with the shoutbox? I haven't been able to see it since last night. It's so strange. It just doesn't appear on my page anymore. o.o
    Seeing how much you love causing me virtual harm I thought it would be funny to make you the Medic on my XCOM game.

    Oh and, you're also Chinese. SORRY hehehehe
    Hey LJ, I'm not sure if you've finished Oracle of Ages or anything yet, but just to let you know that the start of Jabu is being uploaded today :)
    Three months, and I just learned, I could've just forgone the whole thing and just used the Megami Tensei Wiki...Epic FML. :gonk:

    In any case, expect the list to be sent your way between now and Monday, pending computer troubles.
    Sounds good to me, its been so long since I played if I remember correctly the only thing I didn't like about it the first time was that you couldn't solo level and group camp points were overcrowded they may have solved that stuff though.
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