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  • Lmao, yeah made one again recently. I couldn't resist. ♥ If you see something, let me know :D
    Howdy! So you got 2nd place for Birthweek Raffles. :) Rewards will be handed out towards the end of Birthweek, but do let me know who the lucky recipient of the 'Gift of Giving' card (which is also 1 GP) shall be. =]
    Don't forget to cast your vote in SOTW. I noticed you posted, but didn't vote yet. We only count the polls. =] Itd be a shame if your vote got lost.
    Very nice! By the way, you'll definitely be playing against rather than with. I'm not losing to you lot :ahmed:. *cough*

    Ok, Curtain Calls is a lot like the original just with more content and a few more game modes. It's great but maybe DR2 will be something a bit more different for you? :).
    Oh no, I hope this isn't too late! I think the best overall would be to buy Smash Bros on 3DS and play with us lot :lew:. Enjoy whatever you decide on either way :D.

    I went to sunny Spain ma'am :monocle:. T'was reeeally noice and stuff. It wasn't full on heat...just around 25oc ( <<< degrees, not 250 lmao). This other time I went it was always around 35 degrees and that almost killed me :/.
    Chan :yay:. I think it depends on what you're looking for right now. Curtain Call would be more for repeatedly playing songs until you beat those damn hard difficulties, while DR2 gives an incredible story (as good as DR1 imo). DR2 will probably not last you as long, even with the extra modes.

    If I had that choice, I would go for DR2, because in all honesty, most of the content on curtain call is probably on the 1st Theatrhythm.

    Having said all this, I haven't started Curtain Call yet so. The games are just so different!
    Considering your situation and how funds are limited for you right now I'd go with Thearhythm. While I haven't played it yet myself I have a good feeling it'll last you longer than DR2 will. If you see Greeny I'd ask him since he has both. Though I still recommend getting DR2 at some point.
    Yeah but I kinda did that with season 1, the only vit I didn't play straight away was the DLC. I just think they are too short to not play back to back :(

    why does it take so long?! :gonk:
    Nooo I haven't played any yet Chanty I'm waiting for them all to be released so I can play through all at once :(. How are they? Any good?
    Hmm not really I just did a whole area in one day normally the hardest one (Luxarion) then moved onto snow in Yusaan, then the Desert and finally the Plains area. I just do side quests while waiting for time to go by and paths to open up. as long as you get at least one story area fully complete you get a extra day, you get another extra day by completing like... 40-47 quests
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