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  • typical me. not doing good, but it could be worse. im trying to make a fuggin banner for birthweek but i cant decide on what to do with the background
    oh no I'm sorry I have no clue who that is :-(
    I just found out about this forum yesterday and I'm hooked!
    It's an Asus VS247HR. Very nice you're planning on getting one too. Asus is considered the best in its field for graphics/photo editing. I'm very pleased with this one. It's a hybrid, so not a full LED, and still considered LCD, but I think it's great.
    yes, i do. but i dont ever use it. i use tumblr and twitter more than FB. i'll give you my facebook privately
    yeah, my grandparents sent us their old computer so now i got one to use sometimes. i still don't have my hard drive book, though. it's still broken :gonk:

    im glad you're gonna give this place a go again, bud. :ryan:
    i would if i had people like you to talk to. everyone here are either talkin shit about me in the shoutbox or making snide comments about me or instigating and then play victim.

    in other words...



    also, you should take part in sotw for me, so there's more competition. you're too good to not make gfx
    you should. it'd be nice to have some old members back on here. especially in the gfx section.

    what you been up to?
    btw did you hear what happened to totalbiscuit? i know you follow him on twitter so i'm guessing you've seen the shitstorm he got?
    SOTW is, and a few new ideas roaming around, though we closed up the GFX Clans.
    I think you should. this place is so dead without you. :sad: i'll try to get on skype tomorrow afternoon. :3
    Hey Raul, I may have found a program thats better than Dueling Network for Yugioh battles between all of us, recently stumbled onto this thanks to a friend and figured you'd might wanna try it.


    its up to date with all the current cards and everything is automated and no bs mistakes from forgetting stuff.
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