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  • me either. i watch on netflix :lew: i usually watch history channels and the science channels, too. you'd like breaking bad if you like science. it's all about that stuff. :lew:

    and yes, i did see that.


    those are outstanding, pal. the vibrancy and crispness is just so pretty. everything about cosmic beauty is outstanding. :ryan:

    they're very inspiring. :ryan:
    im afraid my part is a bit boring. my summer has consisted of sleeping in until 3 or 4 in the afternoon and vegging out on tv shows. :lew: no snacks though,don't got the cash for that. which ruins the whole "vegging out" thing im tryin to go for :wacky: anyways right now i have finished 4 seasons of breaking bad and i am addicted. have you ever watched it? D:
    sup, raul. :ryan: how you been doing? i know we chatted a little on twitter but its hard chatting on there :lew:
    I think it's personal preference, honestly. I'm not partial to it myself, but then I may be biased because it reminds me of low-quality images with too much jagging. It's entirely up to the artist. Thank you again for your feedback.
    You got it! :) Thank you, Raul. :) (I'm also gonna want you to work on a banner for me too, but we can do that whenever you have time >.<)
    *Proper message to continue this discussion*, I'd totally love a redesigned outro page. I know you can make me an absolutely fantastic one. I can't believe I actually paid for the one I am currently using. I didn't want to bother anybody on here for help. XD Anyway, if you're willing to take that up, let me know. XD Also, let me know exactly what you want as promotion. I can do anything from a simple this was made by: in the video, or even make a video showcasing some of your best work. I could link them to yout twitter page as well, so they can ask for your services on there. :) *long message is long*
    I was gonna suggest we continued this tomorrow. XD I'll be on here first thing in the morning, and all day after. XD

    I'm excited to be working with you. :)
    Absolutely! Just let me know what you have in mind! I'm more than willing to promote you like crazy. :D *Is extremely happy*
    It was a daft spat. I've always scorned people that argue on forums :lew: and now I've become one of those.
    I don't know her too well tbh. I have no issue with any member really, like I said... I was just touchy :mokken:
    Hahaha I'm still a grumpy sod :wacky:
    Some things are just touchy. I'm mostly alright... thanks :lew:
    I'll probably go Monday or Tuesday since I'm going to be out of town over the weekend. I'm excited though :ohoho:
    ...and I'm more of the dance/electronica/house type :ari:

    I don't know how I'd survive without BPM or Electronic Area on XM. Everything else is pretty crap except for one of the two hip hop stations.
    I have been loving some Finnebassen lately...it's very euro-dance...whatever, but I love it. All of it, pretty much :lew:

    I like that Eric Prydz because I've worked the night shift before :damon:
    I'm going to try really hard to get it as close to release as possible. I've got to finish some games so I have something to trade in towards it next month :lew:
    Oh wow, all the way up there. Well have fun! I was just browsing through some pics that my aunt took in Pinas recently, and they were feasting on this huge banana leaf by the river. I miss home. I could sure use a vacation right now.

    Take lotsa pics. =]
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