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  • haha, thanks buddy. :ryan:

    i cant believe i forgot my own birthday was tomorrow. :lew: i haven't been keeping track of days tbh :wacky: danke pal. :ryan:
    I've been pretty stressed out recently... So it slipped my mind. 0.0

    I do... I wouldn't of used it if I didn't like it, tbh.
    0.0 You only noticed it now? I changed it quite a while ago. Sorry for not posting a message I was using it. :sad3:
    Combination of both. I wanna see how people feel about having their entries displayed. Or maybe do a monthly showcaser in the clan that will be featured on DA, I don't want just any piece on there. I want it to be pieces of our members that stand out. :D I'm not sure about the ins and outs yet. I'll make a thread about it in a minute, see what we can discuss and come up with.
    i don't understand how anyone could vote for any other entry. not meaning to sound harsh to him (cuz he usually makes good sigs) but that one just looked like a stock >_< maybe im wrong though???
    yeah, exactly raul. you get it :lew: i feel like it's a waste if i dont intend on a career. as a hobby it's fun but anything else? nah. people will probably say that i think this just cuz im bad or not as bad ass at it as others but whatever. :lew: i don't want to have a career that involves me sitting on my ass for hours on end. id rather do something more meaningful tbh.

    im actually aiming to get a job as soon as im finished with this shitty feeling i can't shake. do you got any ideas for jobs that you like?
    yeah, i noticed it was dead. shame. i wish i could return to graphics but really, man... i just don't want to do anything like that anymore, like, ever. it's all just really... meaningless to me after what happened this year. i can still admire it and stuff but i just don't have the drive to do anything, let alone gfx. i spent so much time on the computer for the last two or three years and im just realizing how much of a waste of time it all was. i could have been out fishing with my dad and siblings or just doing daily stuff with my family but instead i chose to stay home and bug out on the internet. and i really regret that. anyway, i just don't want to let the computer soak up any more time i could have with my family. they're all i got and every day could be a last so im gonna live it as best i can. at least when i watch a marathon of tv shows it's with my family and we get to all just chill together. it's pretty much the only thing that makes me feel normal nowadays.

    whoa, sorry for that wall of text bud :lew: anyway im not saying i won't ever enjoy a few moments on the internet but definitely not like i used to. that said, i will keep my eyes on the gfx community :watching: you know... just for old times sake. :ryan:
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