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  • Thanks for spreading the good word around, it's nice to see people actively recruiting new members for the forum!
    I hate it. I don't like changing usernames at all :lew: It was forced on me by the White Elephant event. -.- Merry Christmas!
    Can you go ahead and PM me the mailing address you'll be using for the Signature of the Week mailing list, I'll go ahead and add you. =]
    It happens. It's fairly easy to forget about a forum if it's not your "home base". Omg though, toes. They've the evilist little shits.
    Omg.... That sounds stomach-turningly painful... :gonk: I hope you feel better soon and that that toe gets sorted. Damn toes, I tell you. Always sticking out in places they don't need to be, ESPECIALLY the little one.

    And that would be great. =] If you have e-mail notification on, I can send you a PM when we boot back up for a reminder, if you'd like. :D I know you pop in and out of this forum, so it may be something you'd prefer!
    Heya! It has been. How are you? I've been doing alright. Kinda hoping to see some graphic artists around in the new year as that's when we'll boot the SOTW back up. :D
    Haha... Yeah. That's kinda why I want to make myself a legend on a forum. So that when I do make the occasional appearance, people will be like, ZOMGZ. Yu Gi Oh on PS2? Really? That's pretty fuckin' cool tbh. I wouldn't mind getting them on DVD. Just to know that they're there. Those two levels are arguably the least fun in the entire series. Not just that game, but the whole series. But that, of course, is IMO. :)
    I see what you mean there. I occasionally drop by a few others as well and post something random. :lew: Aww.... No love for the PS2 :sad3: I really should watch the movies. I've even had them as much as recorded before on the DVR, yet I just can't bring myself to do it. Oooo yeah. I remember once we got to see a highlight show like that. I always see them listed on wiki as official programs and I'm like ":sad3:". Yeah. It started in the summer of 2011 when I finally got Kingdom Hearts after 10 years of wanting it so bad. After that, I got FFIX & X, and then everything spiraled from there. :lew:
    Wow... That's a lot of forums. Just being on two drove me crazy. :lew: Ahh... Another PS3 user. I'm sure you'll be gaming with the others in no time. I'm a Xbox 360 user myself. Though, I still play my PS2 often. My aunt is a "Twihard". I've never read those books or the Harry Potter books. I really don't read books at all, unless they're WWE based. If not though, it has to look really good to get me even slightly interested. Hmm... Doctor Who. I always hear a lot about that. I might have to check it out sometime. As for me, I'm a total WWE nut. Wrestling in general really. I've been a fan ever since my DOB. Which would make me an almost 16 year fan. I'm loyal to it. As for games, I'm into FF, WWE, Kingdom Hearts, and right now, I am in love with Skyrim. :D
    Oh, that's awesome. Going to a new forum with a totally different set-up is annoying sometimes. At least for me, I got used to this place, so when I joined a different forum, it took me a while to really fit in. Honestly, I've only played completely through FFIX, though I have a few others and am currently playing through them. I didn't join here for the FF talk. I started stalking this website around September of 2012. I thought everybody seemed friendly, so eventually I pulled the trigger. I joined on November 26th, 2012. And I've been here since then. I don't regret it at all. I've made many friends here, and even a best friend. Final Fantasy really doesn't play a big role in much around here. XD Anyway, enough about me. What are some things you're into? TV shows, books, games, music, etc. :)
    Hiya! XD Welcome, again. I just wanted to say hi and whatnot. Adam has been a great friend to me for almost 9 months now. So I'm very happy to see one of his friends on here! :) We should definitely chat it up sometime. Let me know how you're liking the place so far. :)
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