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  • How's things been Cait? It's so quiet without you to talk to anymore :x will you be able to come on skype next week or so? that's when my schedule clears up alot my working days got cut a ton T_T
    -pats- there there XD no worries Cait, storms have made it hard on me over here as well ~_~ the walmart I work at got its transformer blew all the hell and back so its been literal chaos there glad I have 3 days of peace now ~_~ but we can always talk on here :P -hugs-.

    Hows things going for you aside from the weather, school/work doing ok? Got any plans going on soon? :3
    Didn't see you on sunday so I guess you were busy xD but no worries, I'm soooo happy right now, after this weekend for me (weds & thurs) I get 3 days off the next two weeks~ :D more time to talk to my awesome lady -pokes cait- :P
    lol well I'm glad to hear from you ^_^, Family its always harder to motivate others to get in shape XD, and I know the feeling after I get back from work I'm so beat I just wanna pass out for 12 hours :x only a temp but working 40 hours 5 times a week x.x;, don't feel bad about it not your fault life's kept you busy silly :3 we still love you!

    Sunday night I can make it on for a bit before work but yeah it'll be around 6:30 - 8:30 pm for me
    hows things going cait, got any free time anytime soon? would like to catch up and talk with you some :3, I 'm doing ok at my job now xD if I keep getting good hours like I am atm I'll be able to come visit on my vacation whenever I can get it XD, sadly though my hours are rough, 10 hours a day, I'm temporary for 6 months, only really get 3 hours of freetime now (6 if you count when I get home but I'm normally too beat to do anything.

    I'm normally on at around 6:45pm to around 8:30 pm :x I have to leave at 9pm to actually make it over to rolla, but I do get paid well for 2 weeks of work xD
    Seemed to have lost your skype info, and random not bad night to be out of drinking material. A night when it's needed the most.
    of course we're gonna be debated against everywhere on here, we're the minority opposition. and there's only a handful of us on here that have the views we do, so people on the other side are drawn to discuss with us even more.

    there's no point in arguing, though. :wacky:

    i don't know why i'm typing this, guess i just wanted to say i know how you feel. it feels like the left is always debating me here :lew: but w/e, all in good fun i guess.

    just take the debates with sugar. :ryan:
    Hahaha, it's all good! I was worried maybe you had forgotten about us! Omg School of Hell.
    Woman. You have to join the Permission Groups before I can accept you in to LC. xD
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