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  • How does a penguin build its house? B)
    You're lucky I'm a bit of a pun expert and can explain these things to you
    I actually laughed 😂
    Why don’t penguins fly? They are not tall enough to be pilots! Sorry, that was a wee bit racist. A bit of a black and white issue.
    Likes: Ross
    Love that music video by the way. So unique, and so.. mind opening.
    isn't it? I keep finding new theories on twitter too, never seen anything like it!
    holy shit, ty for reminding me of that Gotye song. I had forgotten all about it!
    I know a few people that are into the .hack// series although I have played any of them myself, I should give t a try real soon though since I have only ever heard good things about the series.
    I own Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita and I really need to play through it since I am interested in picking up Persona 5 next year.
    Gears of War 4 comes out real soon which I am really excited about, I'm probably more excited for Gears of War 4 than I am Final Fantasy XV (which is a sin to say on a Final Fantasy forum I know xP)
    Any games you looking forward to in the coming months?
    Thank you for the welcome :)
    I have really been enjoying the Dark Souls series a lot lately, at first I was put off by everybody talking about how difficult it was but if you put that idea out of your mind the series is amazing and has some great NPCs.
    I honestly am willing to give anything a go, I'm not the sort of person to quickly bash a game for whatever reason, I like to clock a fair amount of hours on something before judging it.
    how about you? any game series you a particular fan of other than FF?
    YOU'RE WELCOME OKAY. Also hahaha I just realised it's the 22nd and you're 22. Laaame.
    Omg. :lew: Love that album! I just might, been on the lookout for new music, anyway. :D

    Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades :8F:
    Tides of Man kinda remind me of the band Brand New, do you know them? :lew:
    Agreed, painting red hair is so fun! That and honey gold would be my absolute favourites. I did a painting a little while ago where I tackled the difficulty of painting black hair, I'm not sure if it's "the thing to do", but I found that using blue for highlight and mid-tone throughout really helped give it the nuance and "vital glow" that would be associated with luxurious black hair. Anyways, that's by the by, keep up the great work, can't wait to see your next update!
    At work at the moment so I'm not able to post in the threads themselves due to network restrictions, but i wanted to drop a quick message to say that I love your new drawings. The colours of your last drawing for are so eye-catching, his red hair is beautiful!
    Ohhh, haha mine's in January (16th)! You don't have to. You just have amazing talent! :D
    Hey Tami! :D I just wanted to say I'm stoked to have you on board. I know you're still very new to the forum so if you have any questions if you can't catch the admins on, please don't hesitate to ask. I've been here too long, I should retire.
    Lol none of your links (except Youtube) works in that social networking thread! :P
    Hey there! I just wanted to say you did an excellent job in that Seph EX farm last night. Keep it up :) In case you don't know.... I'm Ellia in game, xD
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