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  • I really need to get back into graphics... I hope Kira or someone can kick my ass hard enough to make something.
    yup also that ygo pro not working for me as desktop short cut keep saying something like Kii.dll is missing so can ya send me the link you used please
    I've responded to you about it in the Callout thread. There's no need for that, that's why we have two Clan leaders as well. It'd be hard for me to cheat considering the opponent and I both know what entries we made. =] It's all good.
    Also, let me know if you can access EA's clan section. This sign-up process is new so I'm just making sure everything is running smoothly.

    P.S. Sorry for spamming your inbox. :whistle2:
    I saw. I'm waiting to hear back from Galadin so we can discuss your placement! Stay tuned! :D
    Sorry for the late reply. I will make a mini pack later. :) I've wiped my folder and put it all on USB, starting fresh this new year. Hope to see you at the sign ups in a few days, gfx clan wise!
    Oh, sorry, was busy today. I'm on spring break though so I should have time the rest of this coming week, so if you want to, hit me up and I'll defo join. We could get Jeff to join too, I guess.
    I'm sorry we didn't get to have that callout. :sad3: Can I get a rain check? Maybe in a few weeks. I'm taking some time off from the clans atm as I focus on other things. :)
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