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  • Ohhh, haha mine's in January (16th)! You don't have to. You just have amazing talent! :D
    Hey Tami! :D I just wanted to say I'm stoked to have you on board. I know you're still very new to the forum so if you have any questions if you can't catch the admins on, please don't hesitate to ask. I've been here too long, I should retire.
    Hey there! I just wanted to say you did an excellent job in that Seph EX farm last night. Keep it up :) In case you don't know.... I'm Ellia in game, xD
    Glad to see you join Secret Santa this year! I think I would be able to easily spot you from the crowd if you were to do some doodle work for your assigned member. =P
    Totally forgot you were in France! Yikes, I'm so glad you're okay. And like Livi and Kira said, I'm sorry about your school situation. :/
    Hey, your mood post brought me here as well.

    I can't imagine how alarming and horrifying that evening must have been for you, your friends and everyone in Paris. Thank goodness no harm came to you. Sorry to also hear about your personal fallout and dilemma as a result of it. I'd be extremely wary as well, but bringing everyone back seems like a overreaction. As Kira said, they should hopefully agree to some kind of concession or a contingency plan to take account of what happened. Really not fair otherwise and I hope your voices will all be heard. :/

    Best of luck with everything and welcome back to Eorzea. o/
    Glad to hear you're safe, I just read your mood posts. I hope your school takes into consideration what happened and realizes you put effort into your work. I wish you luck, and I hope things go smoothly for you!
    You should get a keyboard for your PS4 so you can chat with us. Or hop on mumble and tune in to our conversation every once in awhile. =P
    User title set. =P Thanks for purchasing that! I was hoping there would be more of us with the custom user title, so I was pleased to see you purchase it. :)
    Lmao, omg. Sorry. She had made a similar entry but didn't enter! My bad, my apologies.
    I'm so glad you joined our FC. :) We should run a dungeon sometimes! How are you finding the healer class?
    Thank you for giving a warm welcome to our new members. It's nice to see that community vibe coming from people that are new themselves. =]
    :D No problem. You put in all the hard work though so it's the least I could do to recognise that. It's not an easy thing for a new member to feel confident enough to share their art and put themselves out there like that. I also know how much work goes into drawing and sketching, to make yourself the best artist you can be; it's something that largely gets overlooked, ignored or at best, the odd nod and wink thrown its way. Thank you for joining the forum and contributing, it's greatly appreciated.
    Love your work. Checked out your instragram and Twitter account. Sheesh, you are seriously good.
    Ah, I see.

    Well, it's nice to see a fresh face in the GFX area. I rarely get on much now on FFF and I've recently just got back into doing GFX as well.

    Welcome to the forum btw.
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