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  • I think I have seeny uor character =D And I got more updated versions of my character now. Nearly enough perfect versions.
    How are you today my lovely friend :lew: I'm gonna post the character I made though I'm still working on the hair:

    I like totally made my character. I'm gonna re-make the hair but in the picture I'll post soon will be his normal uniform (Kinda like a day out) and his weapons first form.
    I'm gonna see if I can create a second weapon form or I might make the second the ultimate form.

    But then he does power himself up by wearing a cool looking mask which boosts his battle performance by a dramatic rate. By dramatic I mean terrafying. He could command the darkness that he has been attributed with.
    As I said when I done my drawings I'll post em here or if you have any other email I.E Facebook, Hotmail then I'll post it there.
    Yep busy busy busy. Like always cause I'm like nearly enough going 18 now and I've got to think about my future responsibillitys now. Still....good enough life so far :lew:
    Olol sorry =D
    How've you been anyway? You havn't been on for awhle havn't you?
    They are bastards. And abit Sexist. Girls can pretty much do anything that we do.
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