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  • Yeah it is still very bad.. Thanks for caring Kate! I am trying to rest but I just can not. My throat is really bad >.>.
    Lol that's Shinya, from the japanese Rock band: Dir En Grey :D

    their songs are awesome :ryan:
    :sad2: ...I really hope everything works out for you and that if you lose "it" that you were talking about...that you find another. We are really going to miss you :sad2:

    You visit as often as you can :rage:

    Alright. I did like the characters i created. I hardly make haughty characters and both Fei and Renka are just that.
    nada, but he did say it might take months... so lets just hope. Ill post in FFFRP soon. If he really does abandon it, you have any interest in continuing by ourselves?
    LOL. I will say I'm very weird...I play GTA on my ps3 while listening to my Ipod with the TV muted. I'm totally addicted to music...I have my Ipod fixed to me most of the time when I'm at home...and when I'm in the car I listen to XM. Games are best played with your own music because they tend to play some really crappy music in games, esp. like you said when you have to grind. :rage:

    The guys seem to have simmered down since you came back though. You must have that calming effect :hmmm:

    ...and thanks! I say that more often than I should (I keeps it real) I had to post it :griin:
    I couldn't help it, something that looked like a worm with one eye was coming at me from the bottom end! :gonk:
    Yes Kate it is cold here. There is still snow :sad:.. Also No I am not. It got worse this morning and I have a bad throat also D=. Ill live though dont worry Kate!
    Psst. Enjoy your posts.. and your musical choices (y) Excellent member, is excellent :lew:
    Season starts up again in November, which is so far away. :sad3: And it is totally boring having nothing to do, since I can never seem to go/do anything with anyone anymore.

    See, it's assholes like that that make me want to get violent with people. I just hate it when right at the last minute, they say "Oh, sorry, but it can't be done." It's like, ".....:rage:"

    Fuckers. :hmph:
    oh wow. I am so sorry! I gave you the wrong impression. I live in sydney. I am a okay. I was more worried about... Shinya? I think it was him that was talking about Queensland. On a side note, i am not coping with one screen. So... claustrophobic
    No, the season ended a couple weeks ago, so now I have nothing really to do.

    Wait, is this the same issue that you brought up then? Because if it is, I will not hesitate to go down and kick someone's ass. :mokken:
    Didn't the doc's tell you? I bursted out of your stomach while you was passed out! They had to stitch you up and re-construct your rib-cage :wacky:

    They said it was a miracle you survived :ryan:

    Lol kidding.
    Ditto. Been staring at the screen for too long. and im feeling sad. My second monitor went belly up last night.
    Oh, I've been alive, which is about the only thing I can say that's gone good for me.

    How have you been?
    :hmmm: I like blueberry, too! You can be my Online mum, i need a new one, my RL one isn't doing her job properly -__-
    And with that pie, i thought "American Pie" :kinky:.

    Nontheless, what flavour pie is that? looks like apple or jam
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