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  • Haha Horace is about 13 weeks old so he's still a tiny puppy!

    and yeah I meant Bree looks like my old cat :D they're super adorable but knocking things down is annoying haha they so do it to piss people off
    I heart your kitties (stalked your new pic on the picture thread!)
    Your black/greyish white one looks like one of my old cats, Elaine.

    And regarding the picture of you.... REOWWW ;)
    a.) +10,000 cool points for being a history major.

    b.) +10,000 cool points for your love of creating things. :awesome:
    Ohhh I am a fan of BB... but I would venture to guess what I like of theirs would probably be on the more commercial side like So Cold and Give me A Sign. I like them though, they do moody music without being on the whiny side...which is nice. I could totally see me taking all of my video game :rage: on some online dude to So Cold :britt:

    Again... Sooo glad you are back. I was starting to go crazy dealing with a thread full of guys. Especially pervy ones :gasp:
    Melody already recommended something below xD. The cold actually isn't that bad but it is annoying. I am known to have worse though D=.
    Still have a bit of a cold Kate but other than that I am good :ryan:. Nice to see you doing well though :yay:
    Thank God I have you to help ward off all of the forum pervs :gonk: Ohhh and I just noticed your userid has a 666 in it....thats...really creepy :hmmm:
    Aww thanks girl :britt: I love that one song by them. I'm so weird, I never like an artist for all of the music they make...but usually just for one song. Breaking Benjamin on the other hand is another story :monster:
    Thanks. I guess I'm not popular enough in this cliched world to make that much of an impact.
    lol. my wall seems so lonely in comparison XD

    But in any case, seems like its hiatus for "in this life." Bleh.... and damn Skies is dead. This sucks.
    I just now discovered these! Lol yeah a little late. But your my first note! But I'm doing alright, very stressed right now! Lol fieldwork is so busy. But in about 5 weeks it will be over! How have you been?
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