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  • I was given an infraction for it, yes. And the reason was that, that particular word was 'not acceptable' to be used as a username but I could say/use it in chat. That was from one member of staff. I was never directly told it may offend some members, however.
    You must be mistaken, the moderating staff are stellar human beings

    They no doubt did it as a way to raise your self-esteem, no Bee you are most certainly not a cunt etc.

    Did you get an infraction for it? Also what reasons did they give for changing the name back? Did they say anything along the lines of, "may offend some members"?
    Though this tentative communication has given me a chance to ask, why did you name yourself cunt?

    Was it a genuine attempt to show freedom of speech being quashed, or a parody of people using freedom of speech as an excuse to call others every name under the sun? Or that people take an online forum ten thousand times too seriously?

    Or was it just for a bit of fun?

    I have used the word or far too much in this, and now it has lost all meaning when I say it aloud
    I saw you had visited my page and that was a terribly formed, disorderly, and mercilessly unfunny attempt to say hello
    Please do not monitor my page for the moderating staff, I have learnt my lesson and am now the goodiest member ever, with strong Christian values to boot
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