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  • Haha, thanks, budd. I'm glad you're on our side. u should stick around more often :okay:

    ps... and n
    I already wanted to strangle one of them most of the time, so it's not that different. Would be nice if he took his head from his ass more often. That and I stay in my room most of the time, unless I'm cooking.
    I've got a few roommates. Same two idiots who rented part of the basement at my old place plus one of their friends. It's not bad living since we're only going to be there for a year.
    oh nono. Im writing a grunt. And considering you will have a 6 month time skip, i think ill right her up weak at the beginning. Promising, but not refined.
    i kinda figured it was my fault, but im back for a while. We gonna continue Seeker? I think even if we lost the few away characters, we can still go on.
    The early worm is eaten though, so I am not sure what is so great about getting up early.

    Bastion is absolutely incredible, just really really good. The narrator has the sexiest voice ever, it is like he wants me to seduce the enemies instead of kill them. Never PC gamed before so my fingers keep winding up on the wrong buttons

    how are things?
    bleh. Hey ringo. Just a heads up. i got an exam on the 12th, so nothing for me until that is over. ill post something after that, but probably aroun 3 days before the 21st, ill be kinda away again with my last exam. srry abt this.
    I have tried Braid, it seems pretty great already. Though I accidentally spoilered myself ages ago when I read about the whole nuclear bomb element to it. Bastion next

    It is very good, he is incredibly caustic and demands perfection. Also he doesn't think a complex opinion can be represented with a number out of ten which I like. Like seriously, no one really goes "ah yes a solid 7.2"

    I will, it will use the back button on my kindle a use for once

    Same as myself really, absolutely flat out with work, but at least I'll have plenty of money whenever I actually get a day off
    Thanks a million man! That was very nice of you and I cannot thank you enough. This has cheered me right up. These are all games Yahtzee has recommended so I am really looking forward to playing them all. Do you watch Zero Punctuation?

    I meant to reply to your last VM but I am lazy. I do not really like horror in general, I'm not too mad on just being scared. I do love some horror things though, like Silent Hill 2, the first Dead Space etc. I also bought the orginal The Thing because it sounds amazing, I cannot wait to watch it this week. I am going to read Stieg Larsson's trilogy on my holidays in July, I also intent to load my kindle with some stuff, so I will add House of Leaves to that list

    How are you?
    Haha, I do ship ringoxraye :inlove:

    and I am not a traitor! :hmph: I must have blanked out on it tbh. :hmmm: I missed your guys name on their cuz i was in a hurry to post here and then gtfo already. :lew: I shall ask for my vote to be changed! or split :hmmm:
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