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  • Finnnnnne, I guess if it's for THAT reason it's okay. :mokken:

    Also, riddick will not leave my blog entry alone, ringo-starr. :sad3:
    YES! yes it is SO wrong. I cannot sit and watch my fellow wimminz be scared by their boyfriends. :mokken: I shall never shut it. :hal:

    Ringo--he's not insta-banned. So I am forever going to wear your "you must be so gangsta in real life" image in my siggy, alright?
    Ringo, you crazy bat. That is John McClane. I know Because I would marry Bruce Willis. :inlove: I'll tell her that btw. :wacky: well, if I go MIA from the forums/msn/tumblr I was killed by riddick. :damon:
    Yeah, everyone seems to think he'd go THIS far. I guess me not knowing forces me to tell my mom about it. At least then she'll know what to do about it. :/

    and ohmygod, ringo. The family of clowns thing sounds so creepy :damon:

    that's not Dumbledore that is Gandalf, and that is a Yoda quote. :ahmed:
    Hmm, that would be pretty freaky of him to go THAT far. It seems so out of the way. Thanks for the help Ringo. But a few weeks ago my facebook said someone from a different IP tried to log into my account (they said it came from south america though)... could that have been him using an IP changer?

    I do too know Obama. D:
    omg, ringo. You have a way with words, I am telling you :wacky: I can def use a slippy slicey thrust and dicey :grin:

    & How could he get access to my... "ipv4, ipv6 the default gateway, or subnet mask," and stuff? :huh:
    Yeah... I think he is pretty insane. :hmmm: He thinks girls date him when they're not. He thought Ari was serious about calling him her boyfriend.

    Wait-- about the IP thing. I google/tracked my own IP and it doesn't direct the viewer to my house or even street but rather shows them the company address that hosts the internet.

    And ringo I do not have a rooty tooty point and shooty. :sad3: if I did, I would have told him to come visit me and make sure to pack extra undies because I'd shoot the crap outta him (only if he was threatening ofc). :wacky:
    Lmao, omgosh--that is wonderful! :lew: I'm saving that picture because that made me laugh :inlove:

    You should have been there Ringo, he was losing it. 8( Saying to me and Toni that he wasn't the type of person someone would want to anger. I don't even know how he was able to get my zip code. my IP doesn't describe my street or anything(it takes the person to a whole different county).

    Talk about strange. :hmph:
    you have no idea how much i relish a RP bio challenge. The first (and only) bio that uses Raye's format is still in the works and its been at least several months >.>
    That is adorable dedication. Q^Q I'm a CloudxAerith fan, if you went THAT far to see her of course I will ship you two. :mokken:

    Let's see.. Ringo x Raye... how could I make a cute name out of that...:hmmm:

    I've got it..... RingRaye. :grin:

    that is your official couple name. :inlove:
    I thought she lived on a whole other continent, though 8( wow, this is so strange. :lew:

    Ringo x Raye has been added. :mokken:
    How long have you been dating? :ohoho:
    You two are not dating. :mokken: I would have known. I know every ship on this forum and you two have not been on my radar. :mokken: But if you are... then I'll have to add another FFF couple to my OTP list :inlove:
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