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  • Oh god. Rewatching Gundam 08th MS Team, and damn.... they dont make Gundam shows like they used to. Its a rare one off to pretty much all the other Gundam Series in that its about the grunts, so no one man army shredding through 100 suits.... except for Norris Packard
    Oh goody. Well, we'll hold off on it so we dont drain our gundam enthusiasm for this one, but at least i know we both can start forming a new back bone story of sort.
    Ahaha. I see where you are! Truthfully.... this rp made me reread the whole thing. I was wondering.... wanna pick up and continue with just the two of us later if things go sour with this rp? If you wanna, ill talk with Judge when that happens.
    if i remember correctly, Squid's character is Aussie that is a US spy. so id edit that part of ur post kevin
    yo kevin... so is Zorzi gonna go and sit on Pharra and Escaflowne's table? Or you waiting on Oli? Does he already ahve plans with your character?
    well not really. I think mixing us would be a bit hard. Just look for da saber avvie and you're good XD
    eh? i was with pharra? well, i guess we could have been sharing a table.... Whatever fits you i guess. Since i never specified, lets make it that i was sharing her table then
    Hm, me first? I'm not very sure what should happen next... More killings, and no big shots down?
    Hm! So, far flung into the future. Probably minus the interference of the pesky canon characters! Tidus and Yuna together were the canon ending, yes?

    In case you missed this one out. In Japan only.:hmph:

    There's this version called 'Last Mission'. It basically summarizes what happened to the characters after the closure that is Final Fantasy X-2.

    That's the link to the translation.

    In Japan only. Damn. I don't know why X-2 was so disliked, but I'll still get this game for the sake of the story lol.

    Could take some of the facts inside this translation into consideration.
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