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  • Welcome back! Glad you were able to sort your account out with one of my fellow admins! :D
    Welcome back! I hope you're well. Feel free to muck in again.
    Thanks y'all, it's nice to see familiar names and such!
    Toulousa is the country as well as the captiol (i think. Kev's map has both city and state say the same.) What i meant was that as we cross the gallican border into Toulousa, you get accousted. After that event, we continue to travel to Toulousa (the city) where we are now.
    hm. i thought we were going to come back to this event later on in a flash back or something?

    Because the event was meant to be at the border between Toulousa and Gallica, but i time skipped us way ahead into the capital city. So my alst post is AFTER the event.
    In fact, your character might have doubts about a Gallican intervention of a Vassal state, and thinking that I am going there as military support only. Also, that a religious order should not be assisting in military campaigns. Vesper could have a tainted image that the Templars is just a branch of Gallican military in disguise.

    You could chastise Leowyne that she should be helping the unfortunate instead and does not believe leowyne's insistence that doing just that was her primary goal. The incident at the crossing will show Vesper that Leowyne is more righteous than she had thought and perhaps the Templars are not so attached to Gallican military as she thought (at least for Leowyne in any case).
    Sure. We cant have it be something that big, but something to do with border crossing.

    Since Leowyne is a Gallican Paladin of high repute and a Templar, she would have easy access through any vassal states. We separate at the crossing, with me going ahead and you lining up. I get ahead first to talk with the guard in charge whilst you line up. Since you are a Valerian, not even Gallican, they might be racist and prevent you from crossing, perhaps even attempt to "confiscate" all your possession and attempt to "incarcerate" you. I spot the incident and come to your defense regardless of your race. Like they would think that i would support them as Gallicans and are taken aback by leowyne's defense of a "inferior race".
    Hey Valk. After you answer my next post, ill time skip us to the border between Toulousa and Gallica, then ill time skip us into the city. So... probably... my next post will get us to Toulousa.
    How bout we meet on the way to Toulousa. Gallica is neutral, so how bout we meet on the road to Toulousa? Ill be setting off from The Temple which is a bit off from Ile de Gallica. Ill make a travelling post so you can meet her.
    sure. ill check it my map. I am supposed to go and head towards Castilla as a Temple Knight, but i can see how things work out. Are you starting off in Valira?
    OOooooOOOooo. Iseeeeeee. Ok then. use it as plot point later down the road. She be using her powers real soon
    i had originally thought you'd notice that Anarchia was a Holder and put a note in your mind for it.
    i mean, once this arc is done, we can try and make a new arc as a new Rp, like how u intended right?
    hey valk. srry about the massive delays. Should we continue and finish this arc of fantasia off? Can we do it with just three (maybe four) people?
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