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  • Aha, no worries there. I am aware of it, it's just not the detail that Scarlet immediately recognized! ^^
    Soon he would reach the Feymarch, and achieve his objective of returning Shiva to her home realm. But the past few months they spent together, made her quite attached to him, having to go through all of that for her, and to honor his deceased wife's memory. It was Shiva's request to Odin, and Odin's agreement to stay with him and the humans is why the Thermidor dynasty still has Shiva, of which Augustus and his son and later grandson and great-granddaughter has used not as just some buff, but also as a teacher and adviser. She's pretty much become a part of their family, if that makes sense.

    Now, I wonder if this even makes a lick of sense here.
    Well the whole background is may want to sit down, it's going to be a while, and not as formal:

    You may want to look at this for more detail about the Calendar system I used, it's the top paragraph:

    Luna Thermidor's great-grandmother (I assume as such, though I'm looking at around 110 years or so ago.) was a Summoner's apprentice who was caught up and killed during the Haos Civil War (specifically the third phase from 2 BDC-4 DC), and before her death bequeathed to her husband, Prince-Elector Augustus Thermidor. Despite many in his family and within the Republican Rebel Forces of which he was leading wanted him to keep it for himself, he instead risked his own life and limb on his pilgrimage to the Feymarch, the Realm of the Eidolons (which humans still call Summon Spirits). He was captured at various points by smugglers and Imperial Agents, and they did try to torture him and steal his wife's eidolon, but his friends and comrades were able to save him every time.

    (Continued in next VM)
    This is random but I just have to say I love your RP posts. :lew: They're so unexpected and imaginative!
    If anything, I could give you what I have so far revolving the story, see what you think. (If it's even plausible, let alone believable to Eile, though Luna really does not care...heh, rivalry.)
    I'm pretty much going to pause our section of the KH RP until Oli and Tipsy's characters finish their objective. On the bright side, it gives me time to come up with a story about how Shiva is loyal to House Thermidor...
    Hey Baseret! Not a bad choice! Hope you post up a cool bio for us! My main guy who infiltrates the place will have to really worry of your steel type! XD Have fun!
    Hoy! How's it going, man? Not sure if you've noticed it's your turn to post in the RPB. :monster: Or if you have, and you've just been too busy, then that's cool. Just thought I'd give you a heads up though!
    Crap, yeah, I forgot to tell you that I got in touch with Gavin yesterday since it's his turn to post. He's kinda been wrapped up with other stuff at the moment, but he said he's still good to carry on. Just needs another day or two.
    No it didn't leave yet. It's waiting at the docks for the other two teams mentioned in my last post to arrive. It's my way of seeing who's characters are still in the RP or not. Sorry I should have made it clearer. Though to be honest this is the third EA Rp I've done and I gotta say I've started to slack off a bit on this one. I'm sorry I'll do better in the future ^_^
    Erm in the RP Jack and Ellie are in groups 1 & 3 meaning neither are in the group with the headmaster. A small edit of your last post would be much appreciated. Both Ellie and Jack will be infiltrating the Shade ship for rescuers N such! :3 I appreciate your imaginative thinking though. Jack needs to lead his group 1 though. ^_^
    nada. I talked to Oli and have said that id be posting them seperately if i can help it. I was sick of constantly being ninja'd so if i finish escaflowne first, ill post, then edit the next part in and etc.

    if in that time, someone posts after it, ill post it in a enw post instead.
    Well, never mind. We all will end up at the courtyard eventually, so no harm done. Still, you wouldnt be meeting Lyra at the courtyard.
    Several things.

    The lance she uses has two inbuilt guns inside it, so the rifle is already gone. She killed the first Shade with a melee strike, the shot three others with the guns inside it.

    You cant just go straight to the courtyard. The courtyard and the dock is split by the Town, which is still infected. Lyra and Opehlia and pretty much all the StuCo people are in the forest, fighting large Shades. Plus, that area is getting saturated with characters.
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