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  • Seriously bud, stick around this time.. I think you will see you were missed :grin:.
    Dude, do you fancy Survivor. I remember you mentioning it before. Let me know, and I'll sign you up.
    It's a gift for you. As I'm playing the legacy games I get more of that information of what Squaresoft did and it gets me anxious to go back through VII-IX. I will say I found the exploits of X and on too easy. I took a break from Final Fantasy and I've been playing Skyrim. Do you enjoy the Elder Scrolls games? I started gaming when I was 7 or 8, but I was absent from gaming for about 12 years because of education and Career. I think you would be good at game design. I started on the NES too.
    No problem. I give credit where it's due and I'm not afraid to admit I don't know as much of something. Meanwhile I stir up trouble elsewhere apparently. I'm curious as to what is your process at discovering these exploits faster. I might be over-thinking the process. If you have a good knowledge of the original and current table-top/pen and paper RPG's since that's where RPG's come from it would make sense that you understand how these games work. With Final Fantasy I was able to find a good number of exploits over the series but you know more.
    The way you say it makes it look like as if you're mediocre because you use GIMP. Is that the case? Also, what you would consider better than mediocre?
    Wb. Hectic. Uni work is piling on and im in the process of getting started for a new job, all which is hindering my damn rps. I really need to learn to priorities and not procrastinate. When im writing, i tend to then go off on tangent and look up pictures
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