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  • I find the Elder Scrolls games easier too but you might find them as a bore. The Demon Souls and Dark Souls games are said to be challenging though I can't comment as I haven't played them yet. There's a bunch of games I haven't played. I turn up the difficulty as much as I can stand when available. With games coming as easy as they do to you it might be hard to just enjoy a game for it's beauty and artwork. The good thing about playing Elder Scrolls on a PC is mods. You can mod the game and make it as difficult as you want. That might peek your interest if you have a PC good enough to run any of the Elder Scrolls games. Morrowind with mods can run well even on older PC's. It's not a heavy requirement game. You might like it then but you may hate it. It's worth a try if you ever decide to.
    Actually I've never played the elder scrolls games, nor have I played any PS3/xbox360 or beyond, the few that I have tried with friends have the issue of being far too easy, even some of the xbox and ps2 games lack a challenge. Games simply got easier as time went on.
    I wouldn't be able to put into words how I find the tricks that I do find, since most of it just comes to me. I've been gaming since I was born, my family had a NES. As far as table top RPGs go, I don't generally take part in those. When it comes to RP I usually jut make a character with a certain set of abilities and think of how I can use my abilities. In video games you're confined within the walls of the coding, but when you control absolutely everything, the freedom of what you can do is literally endless.

    In terms of RPGs I have a basic formula. The main character is not an option, and usually games come in pairs of three (FFVII, VIII, Legend of the Dragoon, among others) and provide varying character choices for party customization. In such groups I almost always go with the group that consists of one jack of all stats master of none, a well rounded character able to adapt to any situation, a character with high magic attack and magic defense, able to take a lot of magic punishment and dish out even more, and one with high physical defense and attack. Taking FFVII in example, Cloud has very high stats in almost every field, Vincent has high magic and magic defense, Barret has high attack and high physical defense. I try my best ti fill in eachothers shortcomings with the other characters in the group.
    Thanks for the compliment! If there's anything I'm good at it's understanding how games work. I have a problem with most games in that they don't present a challenge other than player vs player games. Some difficult games will have exploits that people can use, things that make the game easier, but that doesn't ruin their difficulty if they are limited or difficult enough to find. I was considering buying one of the versions of the RPG maker and working on my own project, but that would consume a lot of time and I'm not sure I can dedicate enough time to make it be any good. However, if I did make it, you can believe it will be very difficult.
    I really like the website. Whenever I'm not playing or working I want to be as active as I can.
    Yeah lol Cid has been on my tail a little here and there but it's ok. I had 2 posts that could have been combined and one blasphemous comment that was just a joke though I understand now not to do that. I'll get the hang of it. I appreciate the rules as it keeps the Website professional looking and welcoming to many people including those who are intelligent. Other gaming website forums have nothing but flame and bait threads and Xbox this and Playstation that. I don't swear on Forums or websites as my own rule and I respect people's opinions. I don't understand much about the Role playing sections as I've never done that before. I assume it's creating a role playing world and characters on paper and acting it out. I'm told that people RP through Skype and I'm not sure what to think of that, but I love art and creation and I plan on doing what I can with the time I have. I consider my-self a decent writer and an accomplished musician. I am grateful to have been educated well, and I have an above average IQ.
    Ah I see it's deleted already. For future reference, here's how our moderator system works.

    Mods are purple and each of us has a certain section of the forum that we moderate. I'm only the Gaia section (Rocket Town, Religion, random video games other than FF etc). Cid was the one to contact for the FF section (or Lirael), but I see you've noticed that already :lew:.

    If you want someone who moderates the entire forum, you'll either want to contact one of the green (global) mods (CasinoChips, Dionysis) or the blue (admin/tech) mods (Mitsuki, Tia (can't quite remember her username at the moment)).

    Hope that helps and I didn't make it out to be confusing at all :wacky:.

    How're you finding the place? :)
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