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  • Don't do it the right way? Lol sorry I'm confused!

    We have some big changes coming up soon. Hope you'll be here for it! :P
    What are you going to school for? I was up in the air with going back to school for computer software development. I decided not to go back after giving it some thought :/
    I understand disappearing for awhile! I'm extremely random coming on here as well :grin:
    How has school been going for you? Good I hope! :)

    I've been doing real good. Just been working and living the dream! :P
    You've been accepted to Cerberus Guild. :) Finally!

    The feature is a bit lacking though (mentions don't even work), but it's the best we can do for now.
    About halfway there to 300 Gil then you can join Cerberus. It's almost like a secret area, you'll see!
    It's not stupid at all; I actually understand your train of thought there. I'm glad you've started where it all began first and try and build yourself up to the game that started your love for the FF series. I mean, real respect there. You'll definitely have a lot more appreciation to the series knowing how far they've come along. I get the sentiment.

    When you do get around to FF7, I invite you to join the FF Community Goals! I forgot that Vita has the trophies system as well (of course, it's PSN), so that can be rearranged. ;) No pressure, of course. It would be neat to see more people get together and post their experience, thoughts, journeys, etc. :)

    And looking forward to those whirlwind of posts of yours. xD
    That's awesome to hear. :) I find it fun to brainstorm ideas with others the most.

    And did you finally start FF7? I just saw you post that you plan to continue FF7? :O What platform are you playing it on?
    You're so awesome. ;)

    Btw once you earn 300 Gil be sure to purchase access to Cerberus Guild so you can earn more rewards! :D
    Haha, no prob.

    I'm sure you've probably seen the different ways to earn CT; you seem to be proactive and top of things. It's always exciting to see newer members participate and support the community, so I thank you for that!
    'Grats, just saw that you earned 2 CT points! Pretty soon we'll be introducing new ways to earn CT. :) It's a brand-new currency here on FFF that launched this month, so it's still pretty new to many.

    If you'd like to learn more about currency and such, do let me know!
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