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    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    FFVII Compilation:
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    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    Final Fantasy VII: Final Fantasy VII Remake:
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    Information Chocobo Egg

    Omg such a cute creature! I'm a really proud parent. :love: And it is really Seph-ish, it really is my child! lol
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    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    Welcome here, in this wonderful gallery of Final Fantasy memes!:D We all know there are some really cool memes based on Final Fantasy games and here you can share if you find some cool ones! IMPORTANT! Be aware that most of them are based on spoilers (more or less), so after a lot of thinking...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

    Based in the trailer it seems to be a super cool game, but I don't really get any AC vibes from it. But I didn't get from Odyssey trailer either (not played the game yet), so I guess from Origins onward, this is the new trend. I kind of mind it though, I really liked the original AC, but these...
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    Help SPOILERS I have a question about stash quest - Chapter 14

    I went to the stash area before following Leslie to the room where Don Corneo is, because I was afraid I couldn't go back to it later. I don't even know if you can go back or not, so I don't think I can help you with that. :( But I found a map online showing where the stash is: I know it...
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    FFVII Remake Screenshot Thread

    I like you, so I will share with you my absolute superiorly fabulous Seph shots. <3 After that you can see some random shots (I mainly focused on characters and random locations xD) with some spoiler-tagged ones. :D Just see these pictures!! Isn't he... perfect???T3T <3 >3< (I...
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    FFVII Remake General Discussion

    I only played 7 chapters so far so it's definitely not my final opinion or anything, but I have super mixed feelings. While the graphics are breathtaking and I really like all the level and environment designs so far, also the different interactions between the characters, I kind of feel bored...
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    Post your copy of the FFVII Remake

    Here is my long-awaited copy! Cloud was grumpy but helped me with the unboxing. :D
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    Swish-swish-aroo! Decluttering your inventory.

    I totally understand what you feel, Dionysos , most cases I have no idea what items are useful and what ones are junk. xD And since my storages went full, I had to throw out some stuff. I have some similar methods when it comes to organising my stuff like you do. One of my retailers has all my...
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    Welcome here!:D It's never too late to play and love FF, glad to see you joining our community! Hope you will enjoy your time here. ^^ Who was your favourite character from FFXV? Also would love to hear why you started playing FFXV. What's your story behind playing it?:D
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    Hi! New member

    Welcome here! I think you will enjoy your stay, everybody is super nice. Can't wait to read more about your impressions after finishing FF9 and FF10!:D Also we have a Discord, so join if you use it/would like to chat some!:D
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    NieR Replicant Remastered announced on livestream; coming to PS4, PC & Xbox One

    I've never played a NieR game in my life, and I kind of start to feel ashamed, haha! They look so cool and special, I think I should really give them a try. This game series seems totally my cup of tea. Then this NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is not the total same game we got here in the...
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    Information Chocobo Egg

    I'm here, I'm here! I would like to be the partner!^^