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  • I am well sacha, I have graduated and I am working free for my old thesis supervisor hoping to get PHd funding next year. I am still in shock over your musical confession
    I did French in school for seven years straight (5 of which were obligatory) and then when I got to uni my now ex-girlfriend, who is Belgian, helped me to bring that up quite a lot. I find that with French and German, people seem to look only to the two "main" countries that speak each - France, and Germany. But Belgium is just as awesome as France, and I've been to and have enjoyed Austria more than Germany. I'll PM you about China. It'd be interesting to compare China and Japan :) The writing system, for both Japanese and Chinese, is the most difficult aspect, I find. The Chinese tones, I find, are easy, but then I lived among them for 2 years. :)
    I started German when I was 8 because I met someone whose family spoke it - I then learnt it from them, although it was never a spoken agreement as such, I just heard it a lot, and eventually just started talking back in German. I can't quite explain it really! I then carried it on in school and have never stopped. My first language is English, yes, although my mum's first language is Welsh and my dad's is Italian.

    It's really interesting to read about your Japanese and Chinese. Honestly, I was pretty awful at Chinese, by my own standards. I can get by, but it's a struggle. I didn't really enjoy Mainland China for a few pretty major reasons - I was there for two years so I saw and heard a lot that tourists wouldn't. The main reason I haven't committed to Japanese is that I'm worried these same reasons I didn't like China might apply to Japan too. As you can tell, I've never been to Japan. I think French is a good choice if you just want a feel for what Romance languages "feel" like. I'd say it's the hardest Romance language apart from Romanian. How are you finding French and Japanese? I'm asking about French because I speak it, and Japanese because I'm very close to starting it myself.
    Hi! I've been learning languages for about 15 years, since I was about 8 or so. I teach French, German and Russian privately and am a Teaching Assistant for the same three plus Spanish. Why did you choose those three languages? And how long have you been learning them? I taught English in Shanghai for a time and am seriously considering giving Japanese a go! :)
    :saSha: would become Geoffrey Leonard but after being so altuistic you would not be able to have a second smilie if you so wished.
    Congratulations Lizard on another year being part of the ruling Lizard elite.
    Because of membership in the ruling elite, we (GLAWAAS) are offering to pay for a smilie for you. Just so long as that smilie is of Geoffrey Leonard. If you decline I will pass your information onto David Icke.
    Yeah I heard about that. I'm interested to see how it turns out but like most remakes it probably wont be very good :hmmm:
    Haha no I guessed that the girl was his daughter. Not that they'd actually planned it all. So that bit surprised me but not the whole incest thing
    Haha yeah it is.
    I watched it with Lew back in August. It was quite good but I guessed the 'twist' VERY early on on the movie so the ending didn't have the same disturbing effect on me which I think ruined it a bit. But I still enjoyed it a lot. Plus I love how the avatar subtly moves hahaha. It's kind of creepy!
    Ah yes I remember you telling me about your plans to travel a while back, where have you been so far. You were not home for christmas :O Did you find the apartment in the end?
    No problem at all pal, I have enough now that I can afford to pay that back and still keep up a decent interest rate.

    How are things with you?
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